Artbees Care Fall 2018

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We are very excited to announce Care Fall 2018 for our VIP users!
Up to 30% discount will be applied to WordPress projects that are placed in 2018 fall. This includes any Artbees Care services you require from installation to design to conversion, and custom coding!

We designed this campaign for you!

We know many of our VIP users are professional freelancers and creative agencies, with many clients whose websites are powered by Artbees themes. In fact, some of our VIP users are running over 100+ client websites with Jupiter WP ;). For these reasons, we want to help you take the burden off your shoulders in the last few months of the year and help you with your client website projects.

The discount range

Here are the detailed discount rates:

Up to $1000 – 5% off

$1000-$2000 – 10% off

$2000-$3000 – 15% off

$3000-$4000 – 20% off

$4000-$5000 – 25% off

$5000+ – 30% off

This campaign is a big deal!

See the following table to see how prices are affected by this campaign and what can be done under the new prices:


-Normal Price (est) Discount Fall Campaign Price (est)
Convert 5 page templates (est 15 hrs)$8505%$770
Design 5 page templates (est 15 hrs)$105010%$945
Design 10 page templates (est 30* hrs)$210015%$1785
Convert 15 page templates (est 40 hrs)$216015%$1836
Design and convert 10 page templates (est 25 hrs design + 30 hrs conversion)$337020%$2696
Design and convert 15 page templates (est 35 hrs design + 40 hrs conversion)$461025%$3458
Design and convert 20 page templates (est 45 hrs design + 50 hrs conversion)$585030%$4095

What is exclusive to this campaign!?

For the first time ever a free Jupiter X license, as well as a free one-year domain will be given for projects worth $1000+ created with this campaign!

Who qualifies?

If you want to qualify for the discount:
1- You should be a VIP user (own 4+ licenses of Jupiter WP and/or The Ken WP)

2- You should place an order within 2018 November and December (placing a project means submitting at least 50% of the payment amount of the project)

How to start?

Start a project in Artbees Care via your dashboard or simply message us about the project via live chat widget in the lower right corner.

Artbees expert designers and developers in Artbees Care look forward to starting your custom projects with this exclusive pricing and advantages by the end of the year 😉