Jupiter V5.1 Is Now Released With New Additions And Changes

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Jupiter V5.1 is a testament to the promise we made to continue providing the fastest,lightest and most extensive WP theme. So here we are to introduce to you the next evolution of Jupiter, now 55% lighter and 30% faster. This version isn’t just saving kilobytes, it also offers a unique approach to how we implemented some technologies to the product. In this post we will introduce some key features and improvements that we added into theme.

60% Lighter Theme Size

We kept our word and reduced the theme file size by 60%! Usually most shared hosting services set a maximum upload size limit of 8MB which, in many cases, causes failures.Now with Jupiter V5.1, updates as well as new installations will be seamless and you won’t end up with any unwanted surprises!

30% Faster Page-Loading Speed

With the Jupiter V5 we had improved its speed by introducing intelligent static assets technology(JS and CSS files). The basic idea was to generate static files based on feature usages. Most websites only use a fraction of the tools and features Jupiter offers, so this feature helped Jupiter to build and deliver assets only when deemed necessary, drastically increasing your website’s loading time.

In Jupiter V5.1 we have taken this promise even further with Font Icons! Jupiter is rich with font icon libraries stocked with over 1800 icons. A normal website uses only a small fraction of those icons yet it would still need to send all of the icon libraries to the browser for rendering. In other words regardless of whether you used 1 or 1800 icons in your web page we would have had to send 800KBs worth of files. That’s a huge amount of space, especially for mobile visitors!

After some much needed R&D we decided to convert all of our font icons to svg templates so that we would henceforth only receive requested icons. This process helped us to cache the SVG icon template content in DB and send them all in just one single HTTP request.

Adaptive Images Technology

With Jupiter V5.1 your images will be loaded based on device size as well as pixel density (e.g. Retina). This feature will convert Jupiter-powered websites, guaranteeing gorgeous image quality on retina devices and improved speed for mobile devices.

Encountered Problems & Solutions for Adaptive Image Technology:

1. Background images in shortcodes like Page Sections are prepared by an end user for a full HD resolution. Though when viewing these images with tablets or smartphones, most parts of the images are missing without even offering you any control over which part of image is shown.

Our solution to this problem is to provide the option to download the image either in Portrait or Landscape orientation. Once the image is uploaded, Jupiter then crops and resizes the image into 6 different image sizes, one for each device width and orientation.

Rather than loading a full HD background image, Jupiter now offers a smaller and lighter image which helps your content load much faster on any device.

This feature has been applied to some of the most widely used shortcodes that have full width background images.

If you want to support both the orientation of smartphones and tablets (Portrait) you should upload the portrait ratio as well. If left blank only the landscape sized image will load.

2. Images are not retina ready and mobile friendly

Jupiter V4 was partially retina ready but it still was not satisfactory for us as it did not fulfill multiple requirements. Therefore, we developed a solid codebase to convert all images to responsive and adaptive images without compromising their quality and performance.

Most of the available solutions designed for retina-ready images first load a normal image. Then once the device gets defined as retina, it loads another image that is 2 times bigger, consequently slowing the page loading.

Together with the img tag we also send a data attribute with a set of image URLs that are resized for its requirement. While the page starts loading, the theme detects the screen width and pixel density and starts mapping out the correct image into the “SRC” attribute. If an image is large enough for mobile device dimensions, we scale them down for smaller sizes to save valuable kilobytes (sometimes Megabytes).

Auto updates

As a V5.1 user, you will be able to update Jupiter the same way you would for free themes and plugins. All you have to do is register Jupiter in the WordPress dashboard and you’ll be able to take advantage of theme updates without any hassle.

Anonymous data collection

In our mission to further improve Jupiter V5.1 based on our customer’s needs, we will be collecting data on our customer’s usage in an anonymous and aggregate format. While you have the right to opt out of this program, it is our objective to use this data to steer our work toward meaningful improvements in the user experience and product performance.

In our data collection we will be reviewing the following information:

  • Server software and storage versions
  • Active WordPress plugins
  • Theme options settings (excluding logos, API keys and personal data)
  • Used WordPress widgets
  • Used shortcodes
  • Number of posts in each post type

What we will not collect:

  • We do not collect any website URL or IP address
  • We do not collect any type of sensitive data that directly identifies you or violates your privacy

What else?

We’ve just scratched the surface! Jupiter V5.1 offers dozens of new features that you have to see to believe! Check them out here!

We hope you will enjoy Jupiter V5.1 as much as we enjoyed crafting it and, as always, trust in our unrelenting tenacity to enhance the user experience so that you can do what you do best. Dream on.