More Than a Block Editor: Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0

How to Make a GDPR-compliant Website with Jupiter X

The GDPR requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data.

How to Do A/B Testing to Troubleshoot the Theme Issues with Jupiter X

What do you do when you face a problem using any of your tools? Some people stop using them entirely, while some try to fix it to avoid having to replace a perfectly good tool.

Create a Job board in WordPress using Jupiter X

One of the important things in any person’s life is his or her job. A good career provides structure and gives one’s life direction.

Jupiter X v1.3 Is Out! Supercharge Your Forms With These New Features!

A couple of days ago Jupiter X v1.3 was released. Of course, just like any other theme updates, it comes with a long list of improvements and additions to make the theme even more powerful and capable.

Artbees Takeaways from WordCamp London 2019 and WordCamp Torino 2019

Spring is maybe the best season to run WordCamps. In fact, if you check WordCamp Central, you will notice that many WordCamps are scheduled for the spring season. Just to name a few, Paris, Vienna, Atlanta, London, Torino, Athens, Rotterdam, Madrid, Miami, Kolkata, Prague have all held or scheduled WordCamps for March, April, and May.

How to Quickly Create a Landing Page Using Readymade Blocks

Nowadays, any business needs a website for presenting and promoting its operation, production, expertise, and services. We live in a world where internet users have grown to more than 4 billion. That is a huge opportunity for businesses.

How To Create WordPress Custom Admin Pages

WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS is also quite beloved by developers. Among many of its possible customizations and flexibilities that can be pointed out is extending the admin side of WordPress.

12 Warning Signs of Unsafe WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are great for website performance. They add extra layers of functionalities and features to your WordPress website and give you the capacity to achieve more. But there is a downside, not every WordPress plugin is safe for use.

Master WordPress Language Translation: How To Translate your Jupiter X Website with WeGlot

With almost 75% of the Internet's 4.1 billion users 4.1 billion users speaking a language other than English, WordPress language translation is a great way to expand your website's reach and help you connect with your site's visitors. But when it comes to creating a multilingual WordPress site, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Now your are able to create & edit custom header and footer right from inside Customizer!

Web designers who are into advanced customization know that one of the important parts of a WordPress theme is its ability to create and edit custom header and footer.

Artbees Releases a Free Party Website Template

Get ready to groove and shout as Artbees releases its new addition to its collection of PSD files giveaway – the PARTY one-page website template!

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