Artbees Takeaways from WordCamp Europe 2019

Scrollable Tabs Post Featured Image

Create a scrollable tab like the WebFlow website using Jupiter X

Custom Code Snippets in WordPress Featured Image

Different Ways to Add Custom Code Snippets in WordPress

WordCamp Europe 2019 Featured Image

WordCamp Europe 2019: Meet Makers of Jupiter X, Get Exclusive Swags & Win an AirPod!

How to Quickly Create a Landing Page Using Custom Blocks in Jupiter X

More Than a Block Editor: Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.0

How to Make a GDPR-compliant Website with Jupiter X

The GDPR requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data.

How to Do A/B Testing to Troubleshoot the Theme Issues with Jupiter X

What do you do when you face a problem using any of your tools? Some people stop using them entirely, while some try to fix it to avoid having to replace a perfectly good tool.

Create a Job board in WordPress using Jupiter X

One of the important things in any person’s life is his or her job. A good career provides structure and gives one’s life direction.

Jupiter X v1.3 Is Out! Supercharge Your Forms With These New Features!

A couple of days ago Jupiter X v1.3 was released. Of course, just like any other theme updates, it comes with a long list of improvements and additions to make the theme even more powerful and capable.

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