Devrix CEO Mario Peshev Talks SaaS

by Bob Ulusoy

A few months ago I posted an article that just started to scratch the surface of SaaS models. As I mentioned, the Artbees team has been contemplating what our products and services would look like with our current customers if it were to evolve to a SaaS. 

Ready to Monetize Your Blog? Here Are 7 Ways to Do It.

by Ziba Sidrys

Many of us spend countless hours updating, organizing and editing our beloved blogs, but how many of us actually know how to monetize them? Sure, blog entries can increase traffic, but can they really bring their own stream of revenue for a company just starting out? It seems like a distant dream - one that would require an obscene amount of time and effort. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way.

How To Create A Great Case Study For A Creative Project

by Maxiar Firouzmand

There are two ways to showcase your creative work to your future clients: showing them and showing them the right way. Some believe that showcasing a portfolio project in itself is a creative work and even more important than creating the project itself. I, personally, have seen great presentations of mediocre portfolios converting more users into leads than a great creative portfolio which was presented poorly. Simply put, using effective presentation techniques will boost the value of a project.

The Time To Build a Personal Brand Website Is Now!

by Christine Taylor

Time and time again we’ve been impressed and inspired by the work of our users. From global campaigns, one-(wo)man web design and digital marketing agencies to startups and thriving initiatives, it’s been humbling to know that our themes and services could be a part of that success.

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO and Speed

by Bob Ulusoy

Many site owners spend a lot of time trying to improve page load times, enhance SEO, and increase conversion rates. Caching plugins, faster servers, CDNs, and lighter and faster-to-load WordPress themes all help. But if you’re not optimizing your images, you’re missing out on one of the simplest, high-ROI ways to improve your SEO and increase page speed.

15 Points to Consider When Designing for WordPress

by Cuneyt Erkol

As a senior template designer at Artbees Themes and also just from the years of freelancing and dabbling with different methods of design, I’ve picked up a checklist, if you will, of points I sure wish I knew beforehand. Now having learned the ins and outs of designing for WordPress, I’ve been able to combine my knowledge of design principles with the unique aspects of our themes.

5 Honest Questions for Your Business To Make the Most out of 2017

by Christine Taylor

What are your business goals for 2017? With the end of 2016 drawing near, whether you’re a one-man show running your own business or have a bigger team, now’s the time to make a conscious effort to pause and look back on the year and consider a few direct questions: What worked? What didn’t work? What lessons can be applied to their future plans for the new year?

How It’s Made: The Artbees Template Design Process from Ideation to Creation

by Christine Taylor

Just last week in the Artbees hive, we barrelled right on past 100 and hit 110 templates that we now offer to our users. Having surpassed that goal we set just about a year ago, it was a surreal moment for us. Though to be honest, it was a bit anticlimactic as we briefly paused to do a celebratory jig before quickly getting back to work on the next batch of new templates.

Anita’s Movement130 Shows Exactly How You Can Take Your Online Campaign from Ideation to Creation in Just Weeks!

by Christine Taylor

The launch of a campaign or movement usually comes at a momentous time for every company. You could be celebrating the beginning of your enterprise, advertising a new product on the market or holding a tribute to the legacy of your organization. In each case, online campaigns are a very effective way to reinforce the story and culture of your work for your existing loyal customers while generating even more clientele.

Taking a Dip in the Psychology of UX Design: Michael Hahn Shares How Understanding Human Perception and Cognition Can Improve Your Website’s Design

by Christine Taylor

User experience in web design and psychology aren’t often so readily considered to connect to each other. Even ask a group of well-seasoned web designers and most will tell you they never had to take any user experience courses that incorporated psychological and cognitive principles. Though if you took a few moments to scan through some introductory descriptions of human perception and cognition, it would be immediately clear how having a deeper understanding of psychology could dramatically improve your approach to designing a [...]

Jupiter Got Accepted to Law School: Exceeding the Bar at Maurice A. Deane Hofstra School of Law

by Christine Taylor

Just a couple weeks into the Fall Semester and student clubs have already started recruiting new members and mapping out their initiatives for the upcoming school year. Faculty members in every department have donned their galoshes, rolled up their sleeves and are well on their way through the tangles and mud of their respective research projects. But just how do they plan on compiling and marketing their work? This is where we turn to the IT department.

Images That Bare All: Claudio Beffa’s Cheat Sheet for WordPress Photography Websites

by Christine Taylor

We’ve recently discovered a blind spot of ours. Despite many of our customers being photographers, we haven’t specifically addressed this niche in any of our posts. So we did some digging and started talking with many of our customers who use our themes to showcase their photography asking them a number of questions to better understand what considerations they take into account when building a photography website. Well, when we started going through their responses, boy oh boy, were we surprised.

Experts’ Guide to Managing Project Scope Creep: Having “The Talk” with Your Clients

by Christine Taylor

In previous posts we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the strategies used by many web design and digital marketing agencies during the production part of their projects. From how to build websites for nonprofits and maximize productivity to the ins and outs of being a freelancer and increasing your clients SEO, we’ve tried to provide best practices using the experience and expertise of our users. Though what about that part before the project even starts?

Lessons from SEO Optimization Guru Adam Binder: Increase SEO Rankings with Jupiter WP Theme

by Christine Taylor

Time and time again, you’ve heard from your peers and come across forums emphasizing the significance of increasing SEO optimization as an integral consideration to your marketing approach. With the majority, if not all, of your prospective customers using the web to research solutions and services you’re offering, making it easier for search engines to easily detect what, where and how you’re offering those services will in turn guide those customers right to your site!

Jose Rosado: Solutions to Running a Successful Part-Time Freelancing Business

by Christine Taylor

Being a web or graphic design freelancer can sometimes be a double-edged sword. In one respect, being a freelancer can allow you to get paid to explore your creative passions, give you flexibility in planning when and where you work, and allows you to create your own processes that suite your productivity best. On the flipside, whether you’re working as a freelancing web or graphic designer full-time or in your spare time, there are definitely some challenges you may face.

WordPress for Nonprofits: Samaritan Web Designer Micah Blumenthal Provides a Checklist

by Christine Taylor

As a growing nonprofit, community center or organization, your ability to broaden your presence beyond your local region relies almost solely on your website. Understandably you’re most likely strapped for time, money and even manpower to get a sleek and motivating site up and running, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for a second-rate website. Your initiative has an important underlying story driving its mission and an integral way of sharing that story and gaining more momentum in terms of funding and participants is with a [...]

10 Unbelievably Creative Uses of Artbees Themes Features

by Christine Taylor

Here in the Artbees Hive, our team's focus is constantly fixed on optimizing the performance and capability of our products and services. We pour over each post-type, shortcode and plugin to make them more functional and easy-to-use for our customers. We question what else can be added to provide more customizability, more user empowerment. After all, at the end of the day it is our hope that our customers will be able to experience the freedom to grab hold of the steering wheel themselves and kick their site into full drive.

An Insider’s Look into the Artbees Themes Support Team

by Christine Taylor

You're logged into your WordPress theme, rearranging shortcodes, designing your page and piecing together what you hope will be a masterpiece of a website. You're on a roll! At one point or another, though, you may run into a problem—maybe a glitch, a feature you can't quite edit the way you'd like, or perhaps just a question about the theme's capabilities. You fidget for a while before you become exasperated and finally go to your last resort, the “Support” tab. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the Artbees Themes Support Team comes [...]

Memoirs of a Tech Company: 2015’s Worst Mistakes

by Rouzbeh Firouzmand

Right around the time New Year's Eve rolls around, teams led by their management in companies all over the world generally come together to write goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. They discuss next steps to take, targets to hit and how they can be even better! Oftentimes though this ritual can inadvertently allow teams to skip over the failures and mistakes of the past year lest they compromise their enthusiasm to get a fresh start.

6 ways WordPress Theme Updates Can Dramatically Improve Website User Interface

by Rouzbeh Firouzmand

WordPress theme Updates are usually known to only offer technical improvements and back-end additions. Though there are some WordPress updates which address visual deficiencies, add website user interface trends and elements or increase the customizability of an existing component by more and possibly newer options. Many WordPress theme updates are missioned to introduce new templates that cover a wider range of niches and many are simply technical back-end improvements. So just how did we decide to improve the Jupiter user interface and [...]

How Our WP Theme Was Reborn: A Success Story of Leveraging Modular Architecture In WordPress

by Bartek Makos

As we celebrate final stages of development for the Jupiter V5.0, we are excited to reveal more of what has happened in the core team all the way from the beginning up to the few days before we announce the long-awaited public beta. In the first article ‘The Curious Case of Updating Large WordPress Themes' which began examining the development of the Jupiter V5, Bob discussed the path we took to conceive the Jupiter V5 as a major update to our popular WordPress theme Jupiter. Additionally he elaborated on the problems it could address, why [...]

A Virtual Summit Expert Talks About How To Run Event Websites With WordPress

by Maxiar Firouzmand

Online events are nothing new to us, and they come in many different forms. We are constantly bombarded by product and service websites featuring online “how to” webinars which detail the key points and advantages of the product. Or there are the online training courses that happen in the form of one-time online sessions. Additionally, one may find that many tech conferences are held up virtually as online events or that independent brands will deliver their service in the form of online events for which people can register and attend.

The Curious Case of Updating Large WordPress Themes

by Christine Taylor

The announcement of the next big update for Jupiter WordPress theme is imminent. We cannot wait to launch a product for which we have run one of our most complicated ideation and brainstorming sessions. The resulting proposal was a clear depiction of the current status of our product, its shortcomings, and possible ways to improve it. This post introduces a series of blog posts we wrote to discuss the ideation process, the methods we employed in development of the update and its results. Starting with a post from our head of development, [...]

Your Website Template Looks Awful After Customization? See What Experts Say About Website Template Customization To Learn Why!

by Alex Neil

If you have bought a WordPress theme, customized it and are not happy with the results - as it seriously looks like a dumb template edited by a non-talented designer - you're not the only one. And it's probably got nothing to do with your design skills. It's more likely the same pitfall that is true for every other template based design that so many users can't avoid.

WordPress Is About to Be Reborn. Find Out How the Future of WordPress Is a Game Changer

by Maxiar Firouzmand

We have already entered an age of services in which capitalism is turning services into commodities not products. The tech industry and digital market are also no exception. The software and internet industry have already begun to change their economics to services based businesses. Take free OS upgrades and apps just as an example. But how is it going to affect WordPress as a popular website building solution?

The Unconventional Guide to Design Website Templates That Actually Work

by Rouzbeh Firouzmand

Some people call templates “soulless work” which is designed for no-one and everyone. It could be true. But I believe a template is a very special product. It is a semi-ready product. A creation that is yet to be done by someone else. It can save users' time dramatically if it is made with precautions and guidelines. Or it can end up being a nightmare and waste of time. At Artbees we are dealing with templates almost everyday. It is our job. Here are some insights to design website templates we have gained at Artbees Themes so far.

Learn How to Nail Small Business Branding With WordPress

by Niloofar Firoozmand

Every small business will come to the conclusion at some point that they will need a well-executed rebranding strategy in order to gain voice in the competition and stay in the minds of customers for years. Small business branding encompasses a broad set of techniques. Here we discuss some of the many solutions to achieve an appealing website which is critical for a blooming and growing brand and business.

Learn How To Get The Leading Edge On WordPress Customization

by Christine Taylor

A unique and distinguished website will keep users hooked on your site. Thus, customizing your website to make it attractive and functional is a must-do. Although WordPress customization may seem a bit daunting if you are new to WordPress, but there are many simple ways you can take advantage of to achieve the perfect look on your website.

What a Veteran Online Seller Says About Online Store Builders

by Niloofar Firoozmand

In today's internet-dominated age starting an online store is a must for every business owner. It's a proven fact that poor usability will kill your business. You can avoid this risk by building an intuitive and user-friendly website. Here is how you can easily build your online store and keep consumers and visitors glued to your website with the help of a good online store builder.