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Month: January 2017

The Time To Build a Personal Brand Website Is Now!

Time and time again we’ve been impressed and inspired by the work of our users. From global campaigns, one-(wo)man web design and digital marketing agencies to startups and thriving initiatives, it’s been humbling to know that our themes and services could be a part of that success.

12 Jupiter WordPress Theme Tips & Tricks You’ll Want to Have Up Your Sleeve

WordPress has attracted over 70 million users with its ease of use, versatility and capacity for what most people need from their website builder. Though even with how relatively easy it is for most people to learn to use their chosen WordPress theme, there’s always a learning curve that takes a little time and sometimes a lot of trial and error.

Brutally Honest Advice on Achieving Original Web Design in 2017

One of the problems with trends is that when they dominate a particular market, form of art or culture, the followers of those trends end up having a hard time obtaining a unique identity. While they all look like modern and trendy entities, after a while it becomes difficult to distinguish one from the other.

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO and Speed

Many site owners spend a lot of time trying to improve page load times, enhance SEO, and increase conversion rates. Caching plugins, faster servers, CDNs, and lighter and faster-to-load WordPress themes all help. But if you’re not optimizing your images, you’re missing out on one of the simplest, high-ROI ways to improve your SEO and increase page speed.


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