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Month: June 2017

Tips on How to Create WordPress Sites for RTL Languages

Most languages are written left to right (LTR), but some of them including Arabic, Persian and Hebrew are right to left (RTL) languages.

Part II: Slay Your Website’s SEO With Yoast Plugin for WordPress

By now you’re probably wanting to step up your SEO game, and if you’ve read our recent article, you know that the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress is the right way to go about it.

Part II: What You Need to Create a Great Blog Post

So, you’ve created your main blog page. What about your individual blog posts? Are you leveraging your blog post components?

Successful Business Owners Aren’t Victims

I'm the oldest of 3 children, all boys. We were an unruly bunch. We spent lots of time in the forest doing things that most parents today would never let their kids do.

Part I: How To Install and Set Up Yoast SEO on WordPress for Seamless SEO

By now we all know that SEO improves the rankings and success of any website. If you’ve read our article about optimizing SEO you’ll be well aware of the fact that there’s a lot you can do yourself to kickstart that process.

Part I: How to Choose a Blog Page Layout in Jupiter for Your WordPress Website

Your WordPress blog layout and design affects the likability and readability of your blog. All the parts of your blog page must be well-designed and properly placed to make it appealing for your readers.

AR, AI and VR: The imagined unimaginable future of web design

Every time I open my Facebook or Twitter feed, chances are pretty high that I’ll see something related to VR, AR or AI (virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence).

Do’s and Don’ts For Streamlining Your WordPress Website Navigation

Whether we like it or not, we live in an age of sound bites, sparknotes, newsfeeds, vines, gifs, snapchats, viral videos and 140-character tweets. If you haven’t yet noticed it in yourself, or in anyone around you, the reality is that we’re all affected in one way or another by this endless stream of information consumption.

Which WordPress Header Option is Best for Your Business?

Every great website needs an attention-grabbing header. Your website’s header is the first place a user navigates to when visiting your site. It makes an immediate impression to visitors and gives them an idea of what your business is all about. From the website header alone, users can feel your brand’s personality.

Why a Solid Business is Built on Boundaries

In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport introduces us to a term called Any-Benefit Thinking. He uses it in terms of social media when he says.

The Perks Of WordPress PayPal Plugins & How To Integrate It Into Your Site

Imagine your industry’s ideal super consumer: eager to spend, searching for his next rewarding purchase and landing on your website. Now imagine that consumer looking confused, searching frantically for how to buy this newfound treasure, and then giving up; only to return to Google to purchase a similar item from your competitor. Sadly, this is how many stories end in the merciless reality of the worldwide web.

Google Analytics for WordPress: Lead Your Business With Numbers

When I was 18 years old I was offered an internship position at a start-up company in Silicon Valley. Two days later I found myself on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, nervous and still in shock over the exciting opportunity.

Behind The Increasing Trend of the One-Page WordPress Website & How to Make it with Jupiter

It’s time to get with the times and discover the latest web design trend hitting the cloud. What is that you may ask? One-page WordPress websites!


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