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Month: April 2018

How to Automate Tasks with Cron Jobs in WordPress

Before we begin talking about WordPress Cron jobs, it’s important to know and understand what Cron job means exactly. Cron is a Linux/Unix command that is applied to schedule scripts and commands on a web server.

How We Managed to Improve our Customer Support in 10 Months

Here at Artbees, we really care about you, our customers. At the heart of everything we do is the thought of how we can better the experience of everyone.

WordPress Plugins vs Widgets: How Are They Different?

WordPress is the most popular CMS ( Content Management System ) currently used for blogging. With rapid advances in recent years, WordPress is now pretty much used everywhere, from setting up E-Commerce stores to building dynamic business websites.

How to Add Multiple Menus for Heavy Duty Websites

As our client base has grown, so have the demands and needs of our Artbees users. After all, each business has its unique vision and those visions carry varying requirements. One thing that we’ve seen more often is that bigger companies are choosing and trusting Jupiter for their complex and content-rich websites.

The Top Benefits of Being Able to Download and Design on a PSD

Designs on a website are getting more attractive each day. It is because businesses have seen the importance of having a visually pleasing look to attract and maintain their customers. It may serve a business well if both the website design and experience are as seamless as it can get. Offline and online tools are easily available to make it possible for businesses to have their dream look.


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