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Author: Atakan Oz

Setting Up A WordPress Membership – Options and How It Works

Many of you who have been working with websites for a long time can probably attest to the fact that Wordpress has come a long way. Originally, when it was first released WordPress was built primarily and almost exclusively for blogging.

How to Backup Your WordPress Database Like a Pro

Okay, we can all agree that it’s important to backup your website to prevent losing your data. After all, there are so many instances such as upgrading your theme, migrating your website data, hacking and security breaches, and more that can make your website vulnerable to losing data.

Making The Most Of The WordPress Debugging Feature

As I’m sure you’re keenly aware of, building any website will present many bumps, problems, mishaps, and occasional bugs along the way. Bugs are simply unavoidable - no matter how sound and secure the website - so learning how to deal with issues as they arise will serve you well for the rest of your development days.

How to Use Inspect Element: Get a sneak peek behind the curtain

In this article, I’ll provide some useful tips about how inspect element can be beneficial for your site.


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