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Author: Matej Rončević

The Top Benefits of Being Able to Download and Design on a PSD

Designs on a website are getting more attractive each day. It is because businesses have seen the importance of having a visually pleasing look to attract and maintain their customers. It may serve a business well if both the website design and experience are as seamless as it can get. Offline and online tools are easily available to make it possible for businesses to have their dream look.

Understanding WordPress and How it Works

The digital space has made it easy for content to make its way to its intended audience. You can just go online and search for the answers you need. Get yourself acquainted with the available platforms and you’ll see that WordPress comes out as a strong player in the industry.

Most Common Issues with Image and Video Sizes & How to Solve Them

Images and videos are a major part of any modern WordPress website. We live in strange times where visitors are drawn to more and more visuals, and yet expect more and more simplicity out of any given website that they visit.

How to Customize Footers in WordPress Using Links and Images

The footer of your website is as important as your header. Its purpose is to guide visitors by providing business information and website navigation options. However, it should not appear cluttered with too much information -- it’s actually recommended to keep the design simple, with only the most important information provided.  

The Worst WordPress Security Mistakes and How to Address Them

The popularity of WordPress makes it attractive to website hackers. With 25% of all websites running on WordPress, hackers find thrifty ways to take away your visitors, SEO rankings, and server resources.

How To Set Up Stripe in WordPress & Accept Payments

Gone are the days of confusing paperwork, expensive fine print, and complex PCI compliance procedures. If you haven’t heard by now, Stripe is one of the hottest and most straight-forward eCommerce payment gateways available today - Let us walk you through how to set up Stripe in WordPress.

The Top 5 Recommended Web Hosts for Jupiter WordPress

One of the most common questions we get here at Artbees is what’s the most recommended web hosts for Jupiter WordPress. Our answer is never as simple as throwing back a link for our users; there is a whole range of factors to consider. Choosing a good web host is critical for the performance and success of any website, since it essentially lays the foundation.

Tips for Setting Up a Contact Form in Jupiter

Ever visit a website, browse through the services or products and then try to connect with the company, only to find there’s no contact form or contact information displayed? Grr, I know. Now you have to look them up in Google? Nope, most likely you won’t---and neither will your customers if you don’t have a contact form in your website.

7 WordPress Myths Not To Fall For

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS. We admit, it’s a pretty bold statement. However, when you find out that WordPress captures 60% of the market share and powers over 25% of the world’s ten million largest websites, you can’t help but give it up to WordPress.

Introducing Jupiter’s New Header Builder: Here’s what’s new!

You asked, and we heeded! Our goal with this new Header Builder was to knock down any limitations or restrictions you once had in customizing your headers and give you full reign over the look and functionality of your headers! In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the new header toys you’ll have along with how to make use of them.

How to Swap Templates in Jupiter WordPress Theme

Templates are prebuilt demos for a specific type of website that can be installed on the Jupiter theme. For most beginner WordPress users, using a template is helpful in guiding them how to go about website customization.

Why You Should Never Pirate Premium WordPress Themes

Some users just download premium themes for free. There are even some website designers who buy a premium theme with a single license, but then use them multiple times for various client websites.

How To Customize Your Menu in Jupiter WordPress Theme

A website header and its content is most likely the first thing your website visitors will see and use when they visit your site. The menu is a critical piece of your site that directs your visitors to all other parts of your site and has a big impact on its success or failure.


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