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Author: Mohsin Al-Rabieai

AMP ready WordPress website featured

How to Create an AMP Ready WordPress Website with Jupiter X

store Jupiter X form submissions featured

Top 5 Places to Store Jupiter X Form Submissions

Top 5 WordPress Hacks for Every Website in 2021

author’s page in WordPress featured

How to Customize the Author’s Page in WordPress

How to Add Lottie Animations to Your WordPress Website

dynamic headings in Elementor featured

Dynamic Headings in Elementor: How to Extend the Heading Element

create a gaming website in Jupiter X Featured

How to Create a Gaming Website in Jupiter X Using Dynamic Shortcode

Jupiter X Lite version featured

5 Things You Can Do with Jupiter X Lite Version

create virtual tour featured

Create a Virtual Tour on Your Own WordPress Website with This Technique

custom slider in jupiter x featured

Developing a Custom Slider in Jupiter X Without Custom Coding

How to Build a WordPress Website Notification System

create a community poll website featured

How to Create a Community Poll Website with Jupiter X – Part 2

How to Create a Community Poll Website with Jupiter X – Part 1

Speed up your website - Featured image

How to Speed Up your Website in Jupiter X

How to Create Custom Filters with Jupiter X

Build a Powerful WooCommerce Website using JetWooBuilder and Jupiter X

Deliver Website Projects Faster Featured

Web Designer Tricks to Deliver Website Projects Faster

Locally Hosted Videos Featured Image

Socially Hosted vs. Locally Hosted Videos: Pros and Cons

Create a Custom Footer Featured Image

How to Create a Custom Footer with the Jupiter X Footer Builder

Creating a New Extension Featured Image

Extend Elementor like a pro: Creating a new extension in Elementor

Scrollable Tabs Post Featured Image

Create a scrollable tab like the WebFlow website using Jupiter X

A/B Testing Featured Image

How to Do A/B Testing to Troubleshoot the Theme Issues with Jupiter X

Meet JetTabs! The Best Way to Organize Your Content

The 5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As you’re probably well aware, designing a website can be tricky business, and that’s why we strive to make the Jupiter theme as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Even so, we have many not-another-one, shaking-my-head kind of moments when certain web design mistakes resurface over and over again.

Tips on How to Create WordPress Sites for RTL Languages

Most languages are written left to right (LTR), but some of them including Arabic, Persian and Hebrew are right to left (RTL) languages.


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