Say Cheese: The Anatomy of an Ideal Photography Website

Ideal Photography Website Featured Image

While social media has dramatically changed the world of photography, it has also provided platforms for ordinary people to reveal their inner photographers. And the majority of us embraced it for good as these social media sites have become increasingly popular by the day. But if you’re a professional photographer – or have a real passion and talent for it – it might be time to create an ideal photography website as a way to store and showcase your valuable photos.

Wouldn’t you prefer your beautiful snaps be displayed in a professionally made website to impress the crowd and potential clients rather than scattered around Instagram or Flickr? You owe that to your skills and talent!

Too confused to know where to start? We hear you! Starting off somewhere is always a hassle, but worry not! Jupiter X has got you covered! In this post, we’ll walk you through 5 photography website templates, explaining each one’s unique anatomy as well as features that will help you choose the best option that best suits your expectations and goals. It will also help you get your hands on your personal or corporate photography website in a snap!

Proserpina: Mixed

Multipage with right sidebar navigation and sectioned homepage

Ideal Photography Website Prosperina
Prosperina template with Mixed anatomy

Who should use it?

One of our popular photography templates, Proserpina, is perfect for both freelancers and studios who want an uncluttered, yet descriptive portfolio website.

Homepage Structure

The homepage consists of a full-height hero section that you can leverage to shout your name as your personal/professional brand with an intriguing background image, descriptive sections to write about yourself, your business and your projects, portfolio and one-half large sections with video background that adds a cinematic feel to your website if you want to showcase your video editing and shooting abilities. The burger menu with the right sidebar navigation effect helps place focus on the content and images more by keeping menu items out of sight.

Inner Pages

Proserpina has 2 inner pages: Portfolios and Contact. You can store your photo albums and collections in a clean portfolio page. Your concept and vision matter for every single photo. So what’s even better than putting them in different categories for faster and smoother navigation through your photos? Proserpina comes with Posts Element that you can categorize according to your point of view.

Proserpina Portfolio

Forms, addresses, and social media channels make you reachable to your customers and give them a way to stay in touch with you. You have it all in the contact page, which is ready for customization.

With no more than 3 pages (Home, Portfolio, Contact), this template has everything your audience needs to know about you, your style and your work.

Locaste: Dark Minimal

Multipage page with a 4-column grid

Ideal Photography Website Locaste
Locaste Photography Template

Want to impress your audience with nothing but your photos at first sight? Well, search no more! Locaste template does just that!

Who should use it?

This minimal template can suit both freelancers and studio owners of the same taste.

Homepage Structure

The homepage loads to a full gallery of photos using the images layout and is organized in 4 columns with no other text or elements to distract your visitors. And the tiny burger menu adds up to it! So the no-intro homepage style is also surprisingly compelling to website visitors.

Inner Pages

Locaste has 4 inner pages: About, Gallery, Blog and Contact. They all follow the overall minimal style of the template but contain multiple layout options to choose from for Gallery and Blog pages.

You can choose between various gallery and blog layouts, from classic to masonry, each with a categories option and different column structure to better organize your albums and posts.

Locaste Photography Template

The About page includes 4 main sections, a hero section with a background image, the about section to write about the artist or the business, a section to add teammates and the last section organized in 2 columns of an image and text, which can be dedicated to anything related to the photos, studio or the artist.

And finally, the contact page consists of a column for the address, social media accounts and a simple form following with a Google Map.

All in all, if you need a big album and a blog to write about the spirit behind your photos, this clutter-free template is the perfect choice. Just take your camera and let Locaste guide your fans through the magical world of your shots!

Cynosura: Minimal

Single page with no navigation

Ideal Photography Website Cynosura
Cynosura One-page Template

You’re a beginner, you know you’ve got the eye and want to share it with the world, but in no way want to mess with the technical hassles of creating a complicated website! We hear you and offer you the ultra-minimal one-page Cynosura template.

Who should use it?

This single page template is perfect for freelance photographers who just need to set up a virtual album and a place to communicate with those who find their photography interesting.

Homepage Structure

The homepage loads to a short intro consisting of a full-height background image and some minimal text without a navigation bar. There are no inner pages, and the portfolio is presented on the same page. So all you need to do is to add a photo album element, upload your photos, add your social media accounts and contact information in a simple footer, and trust us, that’s it! You have your simple cool portfolio website.

Arbius: Simple

Multi-page with 2-column Grid

Ideal Photography Website Arbius
Arbius Photography Template

Who should use it?

This multi-page template is ideal for those freelancers who would like to add a bit more detail to their online portfolio.

Homepage Structure

The homepage starts with a short intro and portfolio organized in two half large columns that each can be served as an album containing more information and photos inside, as well as a minimal footer.

Inner Pages

Arbius has three more inner pages: About, Personal and Contact.

The about page is simply made up of some image and text elements and defines what can be called the best “about” page in its most concise and well-set way.

The personal page can be called your album storage. You can organize your photos into different albums here using the photo album element.

And, finally, the very simple contact page contains your personal studio address, phone number, and email. Isn’t that what a typical contact page should offer?

Jovial: Classic

Multi-Page with classic navigation and sectioned homepage

Ideal Photography Website Jovial
Jovial Photography Template

Who should use it?

Jovial is a classic multi-page template, perfect for photography studios that consider their website as the main platform to present their services, explain the techniques they use and to showcase their work samples.

Homepage Structure

The section-based homepage starts off with an eye-catching intro, a full-height hero image, and scrolls down to more sections, each containing details and explanations about the services offered. The proper combination of image and text while avoiding an uncluttered overall look is noticeable.

Inner Pages

Like the majority of the classic website templates, Jovial also has many inner pages: About Us, Our Team, Projects and Contact Us.

The about page has an intro with bold headings on top and a cover image below. The inner sections in between can be served as side notes about your business. The fixed background with text element walking on it adds a sophisticated look to the page.

The team page has the same bold heading and cover image style and uses sections to introduce the team members. A whole descriptive section that speaks to the members’ background and experiences sounds great! Some of the sample works can also be added as posts to the page. It will for sure invite the visitors to check on the projects page!

The projects page is all about its name! Following the same intro style, it’s your treasure chest, storing your work samples and past projects.

And finally, the contact page which will serve as a bridge between you and clients with a Google map and contact information down the page.

Wrap Up

We showcased 5 models that represent different approaches in design and content for an ideal photography website and can be chosen as a foundation or inspiration for your photography website based on your brand’s characteristics and preferences.

Have you already started setting up your website? Do you plan to strengthen your online presence and let the world see through your eyes? Let us know in the comments!

Artbees Takeaways from Translation Day 4 as First-Time Contributors

Artbees Hosted Istanbul Meetup on WordPress Translation Day 4

24 hours, 81 local events, 612 volunteers and contributors. Yes, this is the power of WordPress! On Translation Day 4 on May 11, the WordPress family came together in 35 countries around the world to celebrate the MakeWordPress polyglots team. Hundreds of volunteers dedicated their time and skills to translate all things WordPress and to make this online platform available to more people around the globe.

We at Artbees wanted to be part of this amazing polyglot crowd and event, so we decided to hold a meetup in Istanbul. It was the best chance for us to both meet with fellow WordPress lovers in Istanbul and to contribute what we could to help WordPress grow into as many languages as possible.

It took us such as long time to recover from all the excitement of Translation Day 4 in that we’re finally getting around to publishing this post! Everything went as planned, and on a cloudy Saturday morning, Niloufar and Maziar gathered at a cozy diner in Istanbul to help make the event a success.

After setting up the equipment, preparing snacks and welcoming two other attendees, we lined up to join the live session with Afsana Multani, WordPress enthusiast, speaker and contributor, and to speak with the WordPress community as first-time polyglots contributors.

Other activities as part of WordPress Translation Day 4 included live online training, localization and internalization sessions as well as local and remote events. During the course of the day, polyglot contributors collaborated on a number of common goals such as increasing the number of PTEs and mentors, translating the 200 most popular themes and plugins and improving Rosetta’s Translate page.

We hit the ground running, and our local Istanbul meetup contributed translations to and WordPress Rosetta projects! Being among avid participants from 35 countries with the common goal of making WordPress more accessible in different languages felt beyond amazing!

What is WordPress Translation Day

WordPress Translation Day – which takes place every year – is a 24-hour worldwide marathon that is committed to translating everything in the WordPress sphere, including core, themes, plugins, documentation and marketing assets into as many different languages as possible.

The day is entirely driven by contributors, who volunteer their competence, time, labor, and equipment to translate WordPress into their languages. Everyone from WordPress professionals to inexperienced users is invited to join in the event.

Previous WordPress Translation days had over 700 people globally participate both online and in person in local meetups to translate WordPress – but the event has grown in size throughout the years. Translation Day 4 had more local meet-ups than previous translation days with contributors working around the clock in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Why We Should Contribute to WordPress

The main aim of WordPress Translation Day is to help make WordPress understandable to as many people as possible around the world. This aligns with the WordPress culture of giving back to the community.

On a regular basis, contributors with varying levels of experience from developers to marketers, designers and translators lend their expertise and knowledge to the WordPress open source project, which in turn helps millions of people throughout the world to build websites and provide digital services.

Anyone who knows about any aspect of WordPress can contribute to creating, maintaining and growing the platform. Contributors are part of the larger global WordPress community and ultimately aim to enhance the platform and connect with other WordPress enthusiasts.

Why WordPress Needs to be Translated

The reach of WordPress is far and wide: it powers more than one-third of all websites – meaning that there’s a need to translate a massive amount of content into several different languages.

The number of languages that WordPress has been translated into has grown since the first Translation Day was held. In 2017, WordPress was translated into 178 languages. That number has now surpassed the 200th mark.

Presently, WordPress is accessible in 201 locales with 3,086 PTEs, 614 GTEs, and 32,585 contributors.

The more that WordPress is translated, the more that users throughout the world are empowered. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the global polyglot community, more and more people are able to access the most popular WordPress plugins and themes that have been translated into their language.

Artbees 2018 in Review

Nine years after Artbees started in an abandoned apartment basement, the team launched new products and released countless updates, resulting in new milestones and exceptional growth for the company!

You may have already seen enough of Year In Review posts in the last days of 2018, so we thought it’s better to keep ours for early January when you’re back afresh from the holidays.

This post highlights what Artbees has done in 2018 and recollects how we reached our achievements and milestones.

Jupiter X

Probably our biggest news in 2018 was the release of Jupiter X, the most capable and customizable remake of the Jupiter WP theme yet.

Well, listing all the powerful features that Jupiter X offers would definitely not fit in a single blog post, let alone a short paragraph. Suffice it to say, Jupiter X is going to be a game-changer with its very new page builder, Elementor. Just imagine that you have limitless control on every single aspect of every element and the ability to customize everything within a smooth user experience. All that would be possible with Elementor.

You now can build a unique header and footer with header and footer builder, customize every bit of your WooCommerce shop through the Shop Customizer, revamp the look of your blog and portfolio list, enjoy the ready-made block templates and get inspired to kick off your website, to name a few. If you want to step into the future of WordPress themes, Jupiter X can take you there —  just dream and create!

To see for yourself the unimaginable freedom and power Jupiter X gives you, please visit this link.


It was in November that, along with our attendance at the Web Summit 2018, we introduced our very young product, GrowFlow, that just like Jupiter X for WordPress themes, is the future of Marketing. It basically personalizes marketing solutions for each and every user. The best thing about it is that it’s “intelligent”! Yes, Artbees stepped into the growing and exciting world of AI and machine learning to make marketing easier for everyone, not just marketers. GrowFlow constantly monitors users’ behavior and provides intelligent suggestions accordingly.

GrowFlow is in its very first steps, it is evolving as AI does, but it’ll soon take you away from the mass marketing giant, and instead offers you the tailored marketing solutions in the most efficient and intelligent way, and makes sure you are not left behind halfway. GrowFlow is not released for public yet and we are planning to send beta access invitation in early 2019.

To read about our official announcement of GrowFlow, please visit this link.

A Community of 132000 Users, Yay!

We’re proud to announce that the number of our users has grown by 20%  from 2017. And to be exact, we are now a family of 132,206 members who trust and support us to this day. Shout out to our great Artbees family, and way to go!

Agencies and Businesses Run by Artbees Themes

Nothing is better than watching the result of your hard work powering websites and fueling up businesses all around the world. 2018 was again a year of dreams and creations! Here are some statistics to get a better idea:

  • 1 agency made 100 websites using Artbees Themes.
  • 131 agencies each made more than 5 websites using Artbees Themes.
  • 40 agencies each made more than 10 websites using Artbees Themes.
  • 4 agencies each made 50 websites using Artbees Themes.

More and more awesome websites will come to life in 2019, cheers to that!

Artbees in WordCamp Europe 2018

2018 was the year of social presence and our reunion with the great community of WordPress. We managed to attend a couple of WordCamps around the world, the first of which was the WordCamp Europe happening in Belgrade, Serbia. Needless to say that we were lucky enough to be among 2000+ developers, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, speakers and experts who had one thing in common — the passion for WordPress. 

In the upcoming days, we were running from isle to isle and moving from workshops to talks to get the most out of the event. The entire WordCamp was somehow revolving around WordPress’s new editor, Gutenberg, and its capabilities, as well as GDPR. Matt Mullenweg had a keynote speech about that and the state of WordPress.

We managed to attend many exciting talks and workshops such as, “Mastering Feedback by Davide Casali”, which was simply about how we can master at giving and getting good feedback, “Making Websites Talk by Andrea Volpini” of which was mainly about the importance of the intelligent content on AI and machine learning application, and “Technical SEO to Grow Your WordPress Business by Yoast founder Joost de Valk”.

We also had a chance to engage in warm chats with some of the best in the market during the event and in after-parties, like the guys from Envato, Freemius, Elementor and many more. We learned a lot and met with a lot of fabulous people in this WordCamp, and cannot wait to attend WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin.

Artbees in WordCamp Milano 2018

Our second WordCamp experience happened in the charming city of Milan. Along with other factors that get us excited every time before attending WordCamps, this event was special in another way because we were lucky enough to sponsor a WordCamp event for the first time as Bronze-tier sponsor. Jupiter X was also presented to the great Italian community of WordPress.

One thing we’re sure about WordCamp Milano is that it had the best Contributor’s Day among all our WordCamp experiences. In a blog post, Maziar, one of our representatives, wrote about the insights and the reasons why he thought contribution day at WordCamp Milano was so special and how it changed his mind on voluntary work.

At this very special day and the days forward, Artbees had the chance to meet with guys from Yithemes, who run some of the most successful WooCommerce plugins in the market. We also met with Raffaella Isidori, an expert designer and passionate speaker, who shared some valuable tips and insights on the topic Maziar was going to speak about in our next WordCamp.

As always, we learned, shared, contributed, networked and strengthened our bonds with the great community of WordPress and came back excited for the upcoming WordCamps, this time in Greece.

Artbees in WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018

The last WordCamp we attended in 2018 was a local one in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Well, it was our last chance to contribute to WordPress and follow the culture of giving which is the spirit of all WordCamps, local or continental. That being said, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the event with our brand new Jupiter X for the second time.

Along with the sponsoring opportunity, Artbees had the pleasure to present in one of the talks. Maziar Firuzmand talked about a less covered topic “WordPress and The Problem of Diversity”, as part of a company dealing with this problem all the time. He gathered quite a positive response from the much diverse community of WordPress. Maziar also joined a panel discussion about Gutenberg and shared ideas, suggestions and community concerns together with other guests. Full videos of both sessions will soon be available on

Like all other WordCamps, we were really happy to be able to meet with fellow developers, designers, marketers, and WordPress-based agencies in Greece and will definitely plan to go back soon, hopefully for WordCamp Europe 2020 in Athens this time. You can read our full travelogue of this WordCamp here.

Artbees Got Even More Diverse

Artbees family has grown and got even more diverse during 2018. Right now there are 32 bees all around the world working hard hand in hand to make great products and to support our valuable community. Bees from many countries around the globe like Philippines, Ukraine, Colombia, India, Turkey, Nepal, Russia, and Canada bring together their unique cultures and languages along with their professionality to make Artbees a great example of a diverse WordPress family.

We are inexplicably grateful for every single member of our squad and will look forward to work with more peers from other parts of the world.

Audience and Users from Different Countries

In 2018 we again were rewarded with our users’ trust from all around the world. Receiving feedback, positive and negative, has made us work even harder to fulfill the users’ needs and to deliver the support they deserve.

Just like 2017, our reports show that our biggest community is in the US, with Germany and the Netherlands in the second and third row. A big shout out to our people in these and other countries. We will keep striving to make greater products and to walk the long way to flourish our young products together with you.

Happy Creating in 2019!

None of these milestones, objectives or achievements would be possible without the valuable community of people who use Artbees themes to create great websites or products. We are honored to be part of many ventures and businesses who use Artbees products to build and run and we can’t wait to see what our community will come up within 2019!

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In today’s internet-dominated age starting an online store is a must for every business owner. It’s a proven fact that poor usability will kill your business. You can avoid this risk by building an intuitive and user-friendly website. Here is how you can easily build your online store and keep consumers and visitors glued to your website with the help of a good online store builder.

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