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Author: Tatyana Hutsol

editorial calendar for your wordpress blog featured

How to Build an Editorial Calendar for Your WordPress Blog

Translation Ready Themes Featured Image

How to make WordPress Themes or Plugins Translation Ready

Google Maps Alternatives Featured Image

Google Maps Alternatives: Good or Bad?

Custom Header Featured Image

How to Create a Custom Header with Jupiter X like on the Apple website

How to Make a GDPR-compliant Website with Jupiter X

The GDPR requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use, and share personal data.

How to Create Custom Search Results Page via Jupiter X

Meet Jupiter X v1.0.3! Blog, Menu and Popup Mega Features Are Added!

Restore Your WordPress Website Using a Backup: Here’s How!

Your website is the digital storefront of your business, open to the public 24/7. If something happens that renders it inaccessible, then you’re losing potential customers. When your website is down, every minute that goes by is money lost. You can’t let this happen.

How to Add Custom Code to your WordPress theme without breaking it

Quite a large number of users modify the files in the parent theme, and that often causes problems. After you update the theme to a new version, you’ll lose your changes and you’ll have to edit the files again.

How to Migrate Your Blog to WordPress Today

Blogger is a great free tool to start blogging. However, many Blogger users realize that if they want full control of their blog, then they’re better off creating their own, self-hosted WordPress blog.

Using Git for WordPress Development

You’ve been working all afternoon on applying changes to your WordPress site. You’ve turned on the FTP connection, downloaded the desired file, and made the alterations and uploaded it back to the server.

How to use TypeKit with Jupiter WordPress Theme

We’ve all seen websites with a tacky, hard-to-read font that makes the designer in us cringe! Maybe it’s an underestimated component, but typography can really make or break a website’s overall look and the impression it leaves. That’s why choosing the right font is crucial!

3 Ways to Sync Your Jupiter Mobile Site With Your Desktop Edits

Jupiter is undoubtedly a mobile-friendly theme, but there are times when your website content might display differently on mobile than on desktop. This can be an unpleasant surprise if you’ve been editing your website for hours to look just right, but then you check it out on mobile to discover all sorts of design issues and eyesores.

How to Use Bitbucket With WordPress & Why Developers Will Love It

These days, software developers are less and less likely to be working in the same country, much less the same room. With remote options, freelance work, and trends in globalization, today’s world offers endless options for IT professionals. But with the varying time zones and work spaces, complications are sure to occur and mistakes are bound to be made.

10 Crucial WordPress Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

If you’re a WordPress beginner who would rather manage your own site than to outsource it to a developer, then this article is for you. We’ll give you preventative measures to help you keep your website from crashing or bugging up. Preventative care in web design is similar to preventative care in health, in that it requires regularity and responsibility, and can save you big bucks in the long run.

How to Use the Animated Columns Post Type in Your Creative Website

There are over 1.2 billion active websites online, and it’s getting increasingly harder for websites to stand out in terms of design and user experience.

Most Common Issues When You’re Updating & How To Solve Them

Updating your WordPress theme ensures that your website theme has the most up-to-date features and functionality. We also regularly improve the security of our theme, and publish bug fixes through updates.

How to Redesign or Update your WordPress Website Using a Staging Site

Whether you’re redesigning your live website or installing updates, it’s better to first try it out on a staging environment. This prevents any unwanted downtime for your website, which will prevent visitors from being turned away with an error message.

What are the risks in overusing WordPress plugins?

WordPress is considered by many to be one of the most powerful blogging platforms available to today’s web developers. WordPress has grown speedily and substantially over the last few years - adding impressive features and editing tools with every phase.

How To Clean Malware Infections In WordPress

After all the hard work and dedication that a website requires, the last thing you want is to log in and find that it’s been hacked. If this is the case - don’t panic! Even with security measures in place, malware infections in WordPress can unfortunately happen.

How to Maximize Your Use of The Multisite Feature in WordPress

There are so many functions and features for WordPress, some of them are well known and some - not so much.

Tips On Migrating To A New Theme To/From WordPress

At Artbees, our themes are varied and have lots of potential for growth. One of the benefits of WordPress is the ability to migrate to a new theme any time you want or need to. The steps aren’t particularly complicated and won’t take up much of your time - as long as you know what you’re doing.

How to Setup your WordPress Development Environment

“Never work on a live site!” Perhaps you’ve heard this piece of advice before. Editing websites that are currently running ‘live’ is not the best option, especially when you’re maintaining a stable and professional business.

Getting Creative with Font Icons & Custom Fonts in Jupiter

Custom fonts and font icons are great ways to improve your website design and highlight parts of your content. Now that there are a vast number of custom fonts nowadays that are available for specific niches or brands, it’s important to be able to add custom fonts and font icons to your WordPress font library.

How to Fix the Custom Menu Items Limit in WordPress

Creating a dynamic and organized main menu on your WordPress website serves many crucial purposes for your company. It improves the overall aesthetic of your website, creates better navigation to other pages and allows you as a company or web designer to pinpoint your customers’ needs.

5 Common WordPress Error Messages and How to Fix Them

In an earlier blog post we discussed the most common problems you can encounter when installing WordPress and the beginning stages of using it.

Part II: Common Errors Using WordPress and How to Fix Them!

In this second part we will go over the most common WordPress problems I’ve seen from our customers and how to fix them!

Part I: Common Errors During WordPress Installation and How to Fix Them

WordPress has been marketed as being easy-to-use and learn. And in many ways, it is! Though having worked with WordPress themes for many years now, I’ve seen a pattern of common challenges and problems people encounter. Now working on the Support Team at Artbees, I see firsthand every day what roadblocks you, our customers, are facing and I'm here to help!

Custom Contact Form Builders and How They Work With Jupiter WordPress Theme

WordPress is used by millions of people worldwide from across endless sectors and spectrums of experience and use. One easily overlooked and underestimated part almost every website has is the Contact Form. Think about it---usually, in order to communicate directly with your customers, your website needs a contact form--easy enough, right?


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