The Time To Build a Personal Brand Website Is Now!

This particular user was no exception. Just a few weeks ago we connected with Sunny Trochianak who has leveraged Jupiter to create a personal brand website that has catapulted him into a variety of sectors and enterprises. Most notably, in addition to his work as a consultant and business developer, he’s put together online courses to guide even more people in achieving their own success.

Most notably, with over 1000 students, Sunny has helped to inspire and guide individuals in creating their own personal brand websites. Here, Sunny joined us to share why it’s so beneficial to have a personal brand website and some important considerations to take into account when you get started!

Why Is Having a Personal Brand Website a Must These Days?

It seems that so many of us underestimate ourselves and our brand, holding onto this idea that only a super successful and knowledgeable person could pull off having their own website. This couldn’t be farther from reality; regardless of where you are on your journey, having a personal brand website can drastically increase your visibility, allow you to take control over how you’re perceived by prospective employers and clients, and leave a lasting impression.

Sunny emphasized that, “according to the Huffington Post, over 80% of employers Google search applicants before inviting them to an interview, and almost 50% of them have said they changed their mind based on what they found online.” If you’re being looked up online, let’s make sure that your personal brand website is the first thing to pop up.

 build a personal brand website

Before You Build a Personal Brand Website, Consider This…

  • Walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk

This may seem like a no-brainer, but everything you include on your website needs to be something you’ve actually done or are currently involved in. Think about what you want to put out there and you may find this creates the perfect map for you to follow to take on projects and activities that you’ll feel proud to display on your website. For example, Sunny decided to complete certification courses on HubSpot and Google Analytics, not only because their contributed to his overall goal and expertise, but because that would be one more skill he’d be able to include on his website. As Sunny put it, “If you look at your personal brand as a hamburger, these are the condiments.”

 build a personal brand website

If you look at your personal brand as a hamburger, these are the condiments.

  • When conveying the big picture of who you are, don’t leave out the details.

With a website, you can use everything from images, styles and designs to best reflect your personality and put the spotlight on your most significant projects, initiatives and experiences. If you don’t have your resume in front of you, start jotting down every project, course and certification you’ve been involved in. What skills were required to complete those projects? What sectors or topics did they cover? Are there pictures, videos or snapshots of your work that you can share? See? Now you’re starting to collect pieces of your experience and expertise that will display to others what you have to offer!

What skills were required to complete those projects? What sectors or topics did they cover? Are there pictures, videos or snapshots of your work that you can share?

  • Step out into the online arena.

Start a conversation with your audience and tell them simply who you are and what you want to do. It could be what type of projects you want to work on, what you want to learn more about, how you want to contribute to other initiatives and what experiences you already have under your belt. What you don’t want to do is write about yourself in the 3rd person—this will only create distance between you and the reader. Also, don’t underestimate the utility of sharing your experiences with a blog. Maybe you tried to take a certification course, maybe you’ve got some great takeaways from working on a specific project. If you’ve got thoughts and lessons learned that you feel can benefit others, share them! Don’t let that voice whispering “who do you think you are?” or “no one will care what you have to say” tug on your ear. You’ll be surprised by the acknowledgement and respect you’ll get just by stepping out into the arena.

Start a conversation with your audience and tell them simply who you are and what you want to do.

What You Stand to Gain from Building a Personal Brand Website

After Sunny built his own personal brand website, there was no denying the immediate impact it had on his work. He noted the increase of job offers, interview requests and consulting clients. Sunny’s website brought forward collaborators and more awareness within his community of what he had to offer—he even joked that it’s the reason Artbees found him to conduct this very interview!

 build a personal brand website

What Friends Have Said About Having a Personal Website

Perhaps the most telling and remarkable aspect of having a personal brand website can be best portrayed with some of the testimonials offered by Sunny’s students and friends:

“People in my network are wowed and ask me how, and it keeps me fresh in people’s heads.”

“I was able to gain a client through posting my personal site since he saw that I was able to build one and wanted my expertise. I was also contacted by a few people who were inspired by the creation of my site and wanted to make their own.”

“Whenever I went for interviews, I showed my site to potential employers and they were very impressed by my ability to improve my personal brand.”

“I’ve become a Microsoft Ambassador through using my site as part of my application to the program, not to mention getting a job at Microsoft by including my website in my cover letter and having a huge initiative to talk about in the interview.”

You Get the Point. The Time to Build Your Personal Brand Website Is Now.

Having a personal brand website to help put your name and experience out there is going to elevate your network and invite potentially great collaborations and opportunities! As Sunny described it, “your website is a glorified resume with added functionality and effectiveness. It will show people that there is far more to you than what they previously thought. If you are posting regularly and keeping people updated, you’ll stay fresh in their minds!”

 build a personal brand website

Ready-Made Personal Brand Jupiter Templates!

Ready to start your personal brand website? We’re ready to help you. Check out the below templates and get your site started now! Whether you’re a photographer, physical trainer, consultant, author, or life coach, we’ve got something up your alley. Check out these templates: Cynosura, Caelus, Joibe, Jove, Kore, Gaia, Harpalyke, Devagura, Pluvius, Elara, Thalia, Latona, Rhea, Dipitr.

 build a personal brand website

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Bonus tip: If you’re new to the web and want to start your online presence, you will find a lot handy and quickly digestible guides here in Feel free to check them out.

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