Reviews on WPArena: be wary of biased writing, unscrupulous reviews & predatory behavior

Reviews on WPArena

It’s unfortunate that there are certain people in the WordPress community – of which we have been proud members of – who fail to share its fundamental values such as openness, transparency and positivity. What’s even more unfortunate is that there are some who take advantage of these principles held by the community to make a few bucks.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a WordPress news blog called WPArena which publishes news, articles and also theme reviews or have run advertisements of your WordPress products there in the past.

I’m going to briefly explain the bad experience we had getting our Jupiter X WP Theme reviewed by this blog. The short story is that they were not able to provide the draft by the agreed time. We didn’t accept this and asked for a refund.

They threatened to turn their completely positive review into a completely negative review and publish it in their blog and partner blogs if we asked for a refund. And, in the end, they did it.

In March 2019, I submitted a review request on their website. Then, someone named Jazib Zaman, who was listed as CEO, replied with an extremely attentive tone. After being briefed on the process, I sent the payment and all the material for review as asked by Jazib on March 8. He then promised to publish the review by March 25:

 By March 25 I didn’t even receive the review draft, let alone the published version. I followed up on March 25 and 27 and didn’t receive a reply. He replied on March 30 on a Saturday night when is not a working day.

What is implied from this exchange is that he waited until the last day of the month to sit down and put together a review for a large WordPress theme like Jupiter in a few hours and pass a draft for me and finish the project.

He sent me the draft on Sunday at 9:00 PM without waiting for my response to his previous day email.

We were planning to publish this review in March. We received a draft. We needed at least two business days to review and provide feedback in case there were problems we could clarify. So it was a failed project. Simply put, they were unable to deliver the project as planned, and because of this, I asked for a refund. And this is how the rest of his conversation went:

and that is the end of conversation.I regret not saving the copy of their first positive review, which was nearly the opposite of the  ‘revenge review’ they published.

Two weeks later he contacted me and threatened to publish more revenge articles on other WordPress blogs he claimed to own or partner with.

We’re not publishing this post to counteract a bad review they published about Jupiter X on their blog. Every product in the world – even the best in history – has received bad reviews or had unhappy customers. And, in the same way, we can never claim or pretend to have the best product on the market without any problem.

There may be problems with our product – and just like with any other product, we always aim to fix the issues and improve further. So even a beginner WordPress customer can understand if a review is biased (either in a positive or negative way) and base their research on various sources to figure out what customers of a product are saying about it instead of relying on one.

The reason why we wanted to share these screenshots was not also to expose his bullying behavior, threats, insults or to defame Jazib Zaman and WPArena. Unfortunately, such people defame themselves and their brand before anyone else needs to do. But this review will discredit their other reviews as it shows -positive or negative- they all may be based on commercial benefits not substantial facts.

This incident clearly demonstrates how easy it is for WPArena to ignore professional and moral ethics, manipulate the facts, base their review on non-factual grounds all for personal and commercial benefit.

We wanted to let our experience be known to anyone in the WordPress community who might be thinking of working with this website or with Jazib Zaman to review their product and promote their business and warn the community about falling prey to their predatory behavior.

A publication with a poor reputation and known for fabricated reviews may very well have an adverse effect on your product. It’s always good to do research about the credibility and background of the publication you want to work with. So, if you’re considering WPArena to review or promote your WordPress product, this article may give you a pause to give it a second thought.


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