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Successful Business Owners Aren’t Victims

I'm the oldest of 3 children, all boys. We were an unruly bunch. We spent lots of time in the forest doing things that most parents today would never let their kids do.

Why a Solid Business is Built on Boundaries

In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport introduces us to a term called Any-Benefit Thinking. He uses it in terms of social media when he says.

Negotiating Work Seasons With Your Spouse

Late in 2016 I had a coaching client who proudly told me that she and her husband had just worked out a new work time deal. She was only going to work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and only 2 hours a day on the seventh day.

Important Digital Marketing Principles for WordPress: 5 Jupiter Templates That Show It All

The design and interface of your website are defining factors if a visitor will stay or leave in an instant.


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