WunderWP: Introducing Preset and Custom Elementor Templates on the Cloud!

Preset and custom Elementor templates Featured

Earlier in October, we introduced WunderWP, a small, useful and completely free tool that helps you save your widget styles to the Cloud and reuse them in any Elementor project. Additionally, you can use the free preset styles created by WunderWP and use them in your projects for free. To get a head start in 2020, we are now back with even more features for WunderWP!

In addition to custom and preset styles collection, WunderWP now allows preset and custom Elementor templates on the Cloud. You can now create and save your section or page templates in the Cloud and reuse them in any Elementor project. Or – just like preset styles – you can simply choose one of the preset templates created by professional designers and quickly and easily put your content together.

Reusable content templates

Ever spent time and energy in creating an Elementor page only to later notice other Elementor projects contain the same content and design? WunderWP now allows you to save your content templates – such as a specific section or whole page – and reuse them as many times as you want. Just create a section or a whole page, save it in the WunderWP Cloud and use it in as many websites as you’d like.

Elementor itself allows you to save and reuse content templates but it can only be used in the same Elementor installation, meaning it cannot be used in your other Elementor projects. WunderWP now makes it possible to use all the templates you save in the Cloud in any of your connected websites.

Preset and custom Elementor templates Gif

Readymade content templates

These days, most websites repeat the same type of design. A header section is mostly a combination of a logo, a menu bar and search field put together in a particular order – such as left-aligned or centralized, sticky or multiple-row. So what if there was a collection of header layouts with different combinations of these elements that we could quickly insert, tweak and use in our Elementor websites? Or let’s say that you don’t have a taste for design at all and don’t want to pay a fortune to hire a designer.

The new preset templates provide you with a collection of preset templates for a complete page or a section of a page. Instead of building everything from scratch, the preset Elementor templates allow you to put a page together quickly with preset content. Simply drag a preset intro section, an about section, a services section or a call-to-action section to your page and create a beautiful page in seconds.

Preset section templates are a combination of widgets created and optimized to be usable in a variety of contexts and for different purposes. For example, the About Us readymade section template comprises a nice heading widget along with a description beneath it and a Team Element widget along with a Learn More button for each member. Everything is well-organized with the right order, composition, and appearance.

There more than 50 premade section templates available at the moment covering a wide array of purposes such as team, about, contact, call to action, header, footer, services, countdown among much more. We’ve provided a few examples below.

Contact Us

Preset and custom Elementor templates Contact
Free Contact Section templates

Call To Action

Preset and custom Elementor templates CTA
Free Call-to-Action Section templates


Free Features Section templates


Free header Section templates


Free Team Section templates

All your Elementor design assets together on the Cloud

WunderWP allows you to store your Elementor design assets – including your custom widgets styles and content templates – all in one place on the Cloud and easily use them for the websites connected to WunderWP.

It helps web designers or even beginner Elementor users save a lot of time creating content in Elementor. WunderWP enables anyone who uses it to quickly create a layout with preset and custom Elementor templates and to save their hard-earned design work as reusable assets for future projects. All this without repeating all that effort.

At this phase, we’ve delivered the 4 main features of WunderWP, and we’re thrilled that we could make them available all for free. We’d like to know the Elementor community’s feedback on it and what they think should be the next step to take for WunderWP😉. If you have questions, ideas or comments for WunderWP, please do share it with us to help WunderWP evolve in the best way.


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Introducing WunderWP: Preset Styles for Elementor and More

Earlier last week we introduced WunderWP on ProductHunt. A new and free tool for Elementor that takes away a long-lasting pain shouldered by Elementor users. Let’s talk a little more about why this product was ideated and what problem it solves. Why on earth were preset styles for Elementor needed in the first place?

What is WunderWP?

WunderWP applies preset styling for Elementor widgets and beautifies your content in seconds. It helps you save big time by using its readymade styles to build your content and get your website up and going.

What problem preset styling for Elementor solves

Everyone who has used Elementor widgets knows that they are not ready to use right away! They won’t look nice until you put a good amount of time and energy stylizing and shaping them into something you want for your website. If you want to go about doing this, there are simply too many options and settings to deal with, and you need to make sure that what you customize looks professional and visually appealing.

All of this is time-consuming – and not to mention boring! WunderWP saves you that time by bringing on hours of work put by skilled designers and Elementor experts at Artbees to beautify your raw Elementor widgets and let you focus on the more important aspects of your project.

How WunderWP solves the problem

Regardless of which theme you use, once you install WunderWP, preset styles will appear in your element settings under the Content tab.

Preset Styles for Elementor Choose Style

Try different styles by clicking on their thumbnails and see which one looks better on the element and get something that more closely matches your preference. Voila! The ugly-looking default widget instantly turns into something beautiful.

Preset Styles for Elementor Before and After

New styles from the WunderWP Cloud

WunderWP adds new styles for different elements over time and, as long as you have the plugin installed, your library automatically updates itself with the latest preset styles for Elementor.

Compatible with everything Elementor

WunderWP is free and compatible with all Elementor-based themes, Elementor Free and Elementor Pro. It is also fully compatible with Jupiter X and the Raven library. Jupiter X users can simply download it from the WordPress repository.

250+ preset styles?

At the moment, WunderWP provides the following number of styles:

  • 105 element styles for Elementor Free
  • 139 element styles for Elementor Pro
  • 36 element styles for Jupiter X Raven

…and new styles are being added over time!

Is it possible to save/reuse my own styles?

At the moment, it’s only possible to apply WunderWP’s preset styles but this sounds like a tempting feature! If you’d like to be able to add your own styles and reuse it again for other elements, please do let us know if you want to see that in WunderWP!

What’s next

WunderWP was ideated to automate styling and to create something like readymade website templates but for individual widgets. This helped us produce website templates for Jupiter X at a more rapid pace and then we thought that maybe it could be of use as an independent plugin for Jupiter X users and maybe all Elementor users.

WunderWP is doing its job at the moment, and we’ll keep adding beautiful styles to it over time but are there other directions it can go in? Yes, there are! There could be preset styles for Elementor that could be applied globally on the website. Or, for example, there could be automation and readymade content for other content types!

It’s up to how our community reacts and which features they’d like to see next! We’re eagerly waiting by to hear your feedback before we decide the next move 😉 You can follow WunderWP on social media to stay current with the latest styles and features added to it.


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