Adding a self-hosted video with an image overlay and a Play icon

Updated on May 21, 2023

To create the video, follow the steps below:

  the steps in the Video Element article to add a video to your page.

2. Configure the settings like shown below:


Video Type – Self hosted.
Upload Video – MP4 – Upload a video that has an MP4 extension.
Upload Video – WebM – Upload a video that has a WebM extension.
Image Overlay – Enable to add image overlay to the video.
Image – Set the image for the overlay.
Play Icon – Enable to add a play icon over the image overlay.
Icon – Set the desired icon for the Play Icon.

Note: Please upload both MP4 and WebM extension of the video so that the video plays on vast variety of browsers and devices.


Color – #4054b2
Size – 88px

3. Configure the rest of the settings as you desire and publish or update the page.

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