Adding fonts in Customizer

Updated on May 21, 2023

How to add fonts in Customizer.

There are 840+ Google Fonts (which are free) and every Typekit font in your Typekit account can be used in Jupiter X. Please note that Elementor has other Typography settings which are all presented here.


This feature is deprecated from version 1.2 there are no Fonts & Typography settings anymore in the Appearance > Customize, instead, you will get the Typography tab where you will be assign fonts fo the elements

Adding a Font

1. From the left menu in your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize.

2. From the Customizer left dashboard, go to Fonts & Typography.

3. In the Fonts popup, click on Add a Font Family.

4. Select your font families and close the popup.

Note: After adding the font families, make sure to Publish the changes and Refresh the page.

Note:  How to assign a font to an element, you can find in this article.

You can also use Adobe (TypeKit) fonts. To add them, you need to choose a font and create a project

Then under My Adobe Fonts, copy the project ID:

Paste it in Jupiter X > Control Panel > Settings > Adobe Fonts Project ID.

Note: You need to Publish the changes and then refresh the page to make selected Adobe Fonts available in Font & Typography settings.

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