Adding infinite-loop animation effect to an image widget in Elementor

Updated on May 16, 2019

How to add an infinitely looping animation effect to an Image widget in Elementor?

Adding an Infinite loop animation can attract a lot of attention to a content in your web page.

In Jupiter X, you can easily add different types of infinite loop effects to an Image widget such as BouncePulse and Shake effects. 

Image element is a part of the Raven elements. Raven is an exclusive plugin developed by Artbees which represents new useful elements to Elementor. To get more information about Raven Image element, we suggest you read this article.

To add an infinitely looping animation effect to an Image element, follow the steps below:

1. Add a new page or edit an existing one.

2. Click on Edit with Elementor button.

3. From the left dashboard, search for the Image element.

4. Drag and drop the Image element to your page.

5. A new dashboard on the left will open with the element’s settings. 

6. From the Content tab and under Settings section, select your preferable Loop Animation effect.

6. Update the page.

Note: If you’re willing to add a hover effect to a button, I suggest you refer to this article.

 You can also add a scroll-to-animate effect to every widget in Elementor, in order to learn more about it, you can refer to this article.

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