Adding pagination to the Product Archive page

Updated on May 15, 2019

How to Enable/Disable pagination in Product Archive page?

Jupiter X Shop Customizer introduces a new way of customizing anything in your shop, the easiest way possible without any line of code. It has premade templates, a set of options to customize the paddings, margins, backgrounds, alignments, colors, typography settings, pagination and anything else you can imagine. The good thing about the Shop Customizer is that you can see what you are editing because all the edits are live and available through Shop Customizer.

Note: In order for the Shop Customizer to work, WooCommerce plugin must be installed and activated. To learn how to activate it, check out this article. You should install the WooCommerce default pages as well. You can install them via WooCommerce Setup Wizard or from WooCommerce > Status > Create pages.

To enable/disable the Pagination option on WooCommerce Product Archive page in Jupiter X:

1. From WordPress left menu go to Jupiter X > Customize.

2. In Customizer, click on Shop > Product List.

3. A new window will open up with all the available options to customize and style a Product Archive page.

4. In Settings tab, you can Enable/Disable the Pagination option.

5. Go to Styles tab to style the pagination and click on Customize button beside the Pagination option.

6. Set the settings you need. You can change the alignment on different devices, set the distance in pixels between pagination button, change font size, color, set borders, etc.

7. Click on Close button after you’ve customized the settings.

8. Publish the changes.

 Changes take affect only on WooCommerce default Product Archive page. If you create a custom Product Archive page in Elementor, you can customize it inside the Elementor.

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