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Updated on June 18, 2019

How to work with SoundCloud widget in Elementor?

The SoundCloud element allows you to embed audio clips from SoundCloud to your site. 


To add a SoundCloud element to a page:

1. Add a new page or edit an existing one.

2. Click on Edit with Elementor button.

3. From the left dashboard, search for the SoundCloud.

4. Drag and drop the SoundCloud element to your page.

5. A new dashboard on the left will open with the element’s settings.

Soundcloud options

Here are the most important options of SoundCloud Widget:

  • Link – Enter the SoundCloud URL you wish to add to the page.
  • Visual player – Choose whether the visual player is displayed, or just the audio player.
  • Autoplay – Choose if the audio is automatically played when the user loads the page.
  • Buy button – Show or hide the button to buy the track.
  • Like button – Show or hide the like button.
  • Download button – Show or hide the download button.
  • Share button – Show or hide the share button.
  • Comments – Show or hide comments.
  • Play counts – Show or hide the number of play counts.
  • Username – Show or hide the username that uploaded the track.
  • Controls color – Customize the color of the controls.

6. Edit the settings and Update the page.

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