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Updated on May 9, 2019

API integration is an option that allows you to use widgets such as a Twitter feed, MailChimp or other third-party plugins related to social media or Google Analytics. You will need to set some options on those third-party websites and enter keys into the Theme Options > Global Settings > API Integrations section of Jupiter.

api integrations

In this article we’ll describe the options available in API integrations and how to get API keys.

Twitter Settings

To be able to use Twitter widget or Twitter Feeds element in Visual Composer editor, you need get Twitter keys at first.

1At first you must apply for a Twitter developer account and be approved before you may create new apps.

Once approved, you will be able to create new apps from developer.twitter.com.

2Log in to the developer portal on this site (must have applied or have been approved) or apps.twitter.com using your Twitter credentials.
3Open the Twitter app for which you would like to generate access tokens.
4Navigate to the “Keys and Tokens” page.
5Select ‘Create‘ under the “Access token & access token secret” section.
6Fill in the required fields with the received data.

api integrations

MailChimp Settings

If you decided to use MailChimp Subscribe Form in the header toolbar or the MailChimp Subscribe Form shortcode from Visual Composer editor, you need create MailChimp API key and List ID to get it working.

How to generate API key is described in the MailChimp documentation and about List ID please read here.

There is another option in MailChimp settings: Mailchimp Opt-In Email. Activate it if you want the subscribers to receive a Please Confirm Subscription email.

Other Integrations

Google Maps API Key

Google Maps API Key is required when you show a google map on your pages with help of Advanced Google Maps shortcode. To get the key please follow these steps:

2Create or select a project.
3Click Continue to enable the API and any related services.
4On the “Credentials” page, get a Browser key (and set the API Credentials).

Read more about getting Google API here.

This field is here to track your site with Google Analytics. Jupiter does not support Event Tracking. To use this feature, a 3rd-party plugin is required, like Tracking Code Manager.

Also we suggest you to read our post about Google Analytics. We hope it will be interesting for you.

Typekit Kit ID

Typekit Kit ID field is required to use Typekit fonts.

How to get this ID you can find in the article Integrating Typekit.


If you have any questions regarding API Integrations, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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