Banner Builder Shortcode

Updated on November 7, 2017

The banner builder shortcode can be used to turn anything from static content into a slideshow.

This slideshow is defunct and we strongly recommend that you use the edge slideshow instead.

Creating a Banner Builder Post

Before displaying banner builders, posts have to be created which will then be used in a banner builder shortcode.

Enabling Banner Builder Post Type

Banner builder post type is disabled by default.

To enable it:

1From WordPress left menu, go to Theme Options > Advanced > Post Types.

banner builder shortcode

2Scroll down and enable Banner Builder Post Type.
3Click on Save Settings.

Creating the Post

To create the banner builder post:

1From WordPress left menu, go to Banner Builders > Add New.

banner builder shortcode

2Enter a title, fill the necessary information and Publish the post.

Displaying the Banner Builder

After creating banner builder posts, it’s time to display them in a page. For this purpose, we need to add Banner Builder shortcode in a page.

Adding Banner Builder Shortcode

To add the shortcode:

1Add a new page or edit an existing page.
2From Visual Composer screen, click + button.

banner builder shortcode

3In Add Element pop-up screen, search for Banner Builder and click on it to be added to the page.

banner builder shortcode

4When the shortcode is added, a new pop-up screen called Banner Builder Settings opens. You can configure different aspects of the shortcode from the pop-up.

banner builder shortcode

Adding the Posts

There is an input field in banner builder settings pop-up to add your posts:

1Type the banner builder post title into the Select Specific Posts input field.

banner builder shortcode

2Click on Save changes and Publish or Update the page to check the result.

Altering the Items Sorting

There are two settings in banner builder settings pop-up which allow you to alter the items’ sorting: Order and Orderby

By default, the order and orderby settings are set to Ascending and Date therefore it sorts the older items ahead of newer items.


Order Sets the ascending or descending order of the Orderby parameter.
Orderby Sorts the items based on the selected parameter (date, menu order, title, …).

Configuring the Layout

There are two settings in banner builder settings pop-up to configure the layout:


Min height Sets a custom minimum height to the slide.
Top & bottom padding Adds a vertical padding above and below the slide.

Configuring the Animations

There are few settings in banner builder settings pop-up to configure the animations:


Animation style Changes the style of the animation.
Autoplay Choose between autoplaying the slider or not.
Slideshow speed Time elapsed between each autoplay sliding case.
Animation duration Custom speed of the animation.
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