Beta Testing Program

Updated on October 9, 2017

Beta testing is the last stage of testing. What we do is send the beta version of Jupiter theme to individual users (Beta testers) outside of the company to get real-life, in-time exposure. This audience will try the product out and report the issues that they’ve found.


The experiences and reports of the early users are forwarded back to our developers who then make final changes before releasing the stable version of Jupiter.

Why we need beta testing and you?

Beta testing serves the following multiple purposes: Quality, performance, stability, security and reliability from the user’s point of view.

Developers have to maintain the functionality and quality of the Jupiter simultaneously, but sometimes too much functionality can harm the quality and user experience. Also some bug fixes may, in turn, break other existing functionalities.

There can be some factors that can affect the performance of Jupiter and, in some cases, those variables are almost impossible to reproduce in our testing environments because the performance tests conducted in the lab do not reflect the real results in the real world. In these cases, the only way to analyze the performance of Jupiter is by putting it out in the real world to get tested.

Based on your feedback, developers can improve Jupiter including its features, performance, and design to meet your requirements and standards. It can’t be emphasized enough how important your reports and feedback is to help our developers quickly discover steps and fix them.

And as an experienced WordPress and Jupiter user, you are the best person to evaluate our product and testing its quality, performance, stability, security and overall reliability.

How to be a beta tester?

Well, it’s actually quite easy to be a beta tester! First of all, you need to go to page and login with your credentials. Under the Subscribe to Beta Releases section, please check the “Beta Testers” checkbox and then click the “Update” button.

When you successfully enroll as a beta tester, you will receive an email notification that notifies you when our beta version is released and ready for your testing.

How to test?

In order to start testing, you first need to download the latest Beta version of Jupiter from our dashboard ( and set it up on your server.

You can set up the beta release package on a live server or localhost.

What is the test’s scope?

Tests only need to be done on the changed / added areas. The test scope will be defined in the forum thread and in the e-mail that you will get right after beta version is released.

How to report a bug?

Once you’ve detected a bug, you can send your report to us via the forum page.

Please do not forget to add additional details (such as screenshots, server environment details etc.) while reporting an issue so our developers can replicate the issue and fix them quickly before releasing the stable version.


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