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The Blog Theme Settings is the main section which allows you to choose global settings for your Ken website posts in WordPress.

To access the blog settings, from WordPress top bar, go to Theme Settings > Blog

In this article we will describe the options available under the Blog section of Theme Settings.

blog settings

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Blog Single Settings

Blog Single Layout

You can globally manage the blog single layout using this option.

There are several options you can choose from to style the layout of your single post page:

Name Description
Feed From Meta OptionAllows to control the layout locally through Ken Page Layout metabox.
RightSets the sidebar on the right side.
LeftSets the sidebar on the left side.
FullSets a full layout without a sidebar.
Page Title: Blog Posts

This option allows you to hide/show the page title section (title, breadcrumb) in the blog single posts.

Just click Disable if you want to hide it.

blog settings

Previous & Next Arrows

Using this option you can turn on/off the navigation arrows when viewing the post single page.

blog settings

Blog Single Featured image, audio, video

This setting will completely disable the featured image, video and audio players from the blog single post if you select the “Disable” option.

Featured image hard cropping

If you want to disable automatic image cropping for the featured image, disable this option. The original image size will be used, however, it will be responsive and fit to the container.

Single Post Featured Image Height

Here you can set the height value of your featured image as well as your gallery post type slideshow.

Related Posts

Using this setting you can enable or disable related posts on your single post page.

About Author Section

This setting allows to enable/disable the “About Author” section It includes a short author bio and is shown after the post content.

Blog Single Social Share

If you want to share your post on social networks, you need enable this option so social media icons will appear for your post. If you don’t want them, click “Disable”.


This setting enables or disables the comments section on a single post page.

Blog Archive Settings

Archive Layout

Defines the archive loop layout. Select the one you prefer.

Archive Loop Style

Use this option to set the style of the Blog Archive page. The styles you can choose from are:

  • Classic
  • Masonry
  • Tile
  • Thumb
  • List
Archive Loop Featured Image Height

Here you can set the height value for all featured images on the Blog Archive page.

Archive Loop Page Title

Using this option you can enable/disable the page title section (including breadcrumbs).

Note: More information about the options above can be seen on our demo single blog post page.

If you have any questions regarding the Blog set up, you can create a ticket and our support staff will help.

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