Checking Server Requirements

Updated on July 8, 2019

System Status Page

After activation of the Jupiter X theme, from the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter X > System Status to check the server requirements.

The System Status page consists of different sections:

  • WordPress Environment
  • Theme
  • Browser
  • Server Environment
  • Active Plugins

Each section provides valuable information to help you find out the problems with your installation environment.

If there is a green checkbox in front of the option, it means that the value meets the requirements of the theme. If there is a red exclamation mark then you need to take action to fix the incompatibility.

WP-ServerInfo Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily check almost all of the server settings. Install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin, then follow steps below.

1. From the WordPress left menu go to Dashboard > WP-ServerInfo page. It will show some general information about your server.

2. To see all the server information, click on Display PHP Information and Display MYSQL Information.

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