Clear and Bold Single Post Style

Updated on December 31, 2018

This article is about the Clear and Bold single post style introduced in the Jupiter theme. This style shows a big hero section with the featured image as the background and the post name as the main title of the page. To see a demo of Clear and Bold Single Post Style click here.

Clear and Bold 1

Jupiter has two Single Post Styles including:

  • Traditional and Compact
  • Clear and Bold

The Traditional and Compact style is the default Single Post Style of Jupiter which contains standard WordPress blog features and you can have different Post Formats in this style. Click here to see a demo of Traditional and Compact style with standard Post Format.

The Clear and Bold style has a big header section called hero including the most important information such as the blog title and author image over the featured image as a background. You can use this style when you want to grab the visitor’s attention and make the title as bold as possible to attract readers at a glance. The rest of the page will have the normal content of your blog post.

Clear and Bold 5

You can select the single post style as a default option or post by post.

Set the Clear and Bold as a Default Single Post Style

To select as default option follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Post
  2. Locate the Post Style option (Check the screenshot below)
  3. Select the style you want
  4. Save the changes

Clear and bold blog single post style - menu

Set the Clear and Bold Style in a Specific Post

To enable the Clear and Bold style for a specific post follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Posts
  2. Select the post you want to have the style
  3. Locate the Jupiter Posts Options Metabox
  4. Set the Single Post Style option to Clear and Bold

Clear and Bold 3

If you do not want to override the defaults you set in Theme Options, set the Single Post Style option to Default. For more information about Single Blog Post options click here.

Clear and Bold 4

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