Configuring Logos

Updated on November 21, 2017

A logo is a visual representation of your business. It reflects your company’s name, message and values. Over time, your logo should be immediately recognizable to your customers, which is why The Ken offers a lot of options for customization.

This article covers the several ways that you can add and configure your logo. It also explains the difference between the global and page-specific logo.

configuring logos

Different Types of Logos

There are several logo types that are used in specific situations.

Type Description Size
Upload Favicon  Sets the default custom favicon 16*16px, 32*32px for Retina
Upload Logo This logo will be used as your default logo when your header skin is dark. 200*200 px
Upload Retina Logo Use this option if you want your logo to appear crystal clear on retina devices(eg. Macbook Retina, iPad, iPhone). 400*400px
Upload Light Logo This option will only be used if you have a transparent header with a light skin. 200*200px
Upload Retina Light Logo Use this option if your logo to appear crystal clear on retina devices (e.g. Macbook Retina, iPad, iPhone) and if you have a transparent header with a light skin. 400*400px
Upload Mobile Logo This logo will be used on mobile devices. 150*150px
Upload Mobile Retina Logo Use this option if you want your logo appear crystal clear on mobile retina devices(eg. iPad, iPhone). 300*300px
Pre-loader Overlay Logo This logo will be viewed in the pre-loader overlay. 200*200px

Uploading a Logo Globally

The global logo will be used across your whole website.

To upload your global logo:

1From the WordPress top menu, go to Theme Settings > Upload Logo.

configuring logos

2Find the field Upload Logo and click on Upload.

configuring logos

3Click on Save Changes.

Overriding the Global Logo on a Page

Instead of using one logo for the whole website, there is also an option to add a logo only to a specific page.

To upload your page-specific logo:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to Pages and pick the page where you wish to upload your logo.

configuring logos
2Scroll down to Ken Styling Options and enable Custom Settings.

configuring logos
3Find your desired logo type and click on Upload.

4Publish or Update the page.

Adding a Logo to the Footer

To add a logo to the footer:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to Appearance > Widgets.

configuring logos

2On the Widgets page, drag and drop the Text widget into one of the Footer Column Areas.
3Inside the text widget content, add the text below and customize it to your logo URL.

<img src="Link-To-Your-Logo" alt="configuring logos" />

4Click on the Save button in the Text widget.

If you have any questions regarding the logo configuration, you can contact our support staff to get the assistance.

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