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Updated on September 16, 2021

If you have set up the contact form shortcode or widget, make sure that you have used the correct email address (where you want to receive WordPress emails). If you still do not receive any emails, then read on for some tips that may help.

WordPress wp_mail Function Is Not Working Properly

WordPress sends emails using wp_mail, a function which for all practical purposes operates like PHP mail. It is a way for your site to send email via a PHP script, rather than using other methods such as SMTP. In order to determine what your problems might be, it is important to understand the potential email configuration requirements. Some issues could be server-based, while others could be due to not understanding the restrictions set by your host.

In some cases the mail() function is disabled by default, and you should enable it from the php.ini file.

Valid Email Headers

Some hosts require the server-side email script to send with a “from” address that is an actual email address. WordPress by default sends email from a generic “[email protected]” address. If your host requires that you send from a valid email address but you don’t have the email address [email protected] configured, then your site can’t send emails. For example, the address [email protected] should be configured in your mail server in order to pass through this policy.

Shared Server

On shared hosting, the email process is also shared. If another user on your host has a script that is tying up the email server, it will affect your site (and therefore your email script). For those running WordPress on shared hosts, the issue is most often that the email is delayed.

It is important to communicate with your host if this is something you are likely to be affected by.

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Spam Filters

Sometimes the issue is that certain messages are blocked simply because of an addressing issue. Emails coming from one of the major email provider domains (Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo) can get flagged for a number of reasons, possibly due to spam filters. If an email from wp_mail is not getting delivered, you may need to determine whether it is not getting through to anyone or it is only limited to certain domains. Getting blocked or blacklisted by a specific host could be the issue.

Other Issues

If you face any other issues with the contact form, open a ticket in our help desk.

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