Copy styles in Jupiter X

Updated on June 18, 2019

How to copy styles from one element to another in Elementor

Creating a page with Elementor, you may want to keep the same style for each element like background, space, font size. There is good news: you don’t have to re-create settings for every element as now you have an option to copy styles and paste them to any element you need.

Copy/Paste Element Style
 – With Paste Style, you can paste the style of any element you copy (Widget, Column or Section), then apply it on any other WidgetColumn or Section.

In order to copy and paste styles:

1. In Elementor, right click on a widget (section or column) you want to copy styles from.

2. Click on Copy.

3. Go to a widget (column or section) where you want to paste styles to, right click on it and select Paste Style. Repeat the actions for other elements where you want to use the same styles.

4. Update the page.

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