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Both Jupiter and The Ken are RTL Compatible and can be used for Right to Left languages such as Arabic, Persian or Hebrew. In this article we will show how to setup an RTL website using our themes.

RTL Compatible Demo

How to Create RTL Compatible Website

Setting up a right to left language website in Jupiter and The Ken is very easy and you can achieve that by following the steps below:

Install WordPress.  

Install the WordPress as normal. For more information click here.

Install Our Theme.  

Install our theme as normal. Click here for Jupiter and click here for The Ken installation guide.

Set an RTL Language.  

RTL Compatible Select Language

Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Settings > General and select the RTL language that you want to use for your website using the Site Language option.

Translate the Theme.  

Follow the steps mentioned in this article to translate the theme to your RTL language.

Well Done! 

That’s it! Now that you chose an RTL language as your main website language, our theme automatically goes to RTL mode.

RTL Compatible – WPML Plugin

If you use the WPML multilingual plugin, check their documentation on how to add a language. If the language is a right to left one, our theme will switch to RTL mode automatically.

Note: If you happen to find any kind of bugs regarding the RTL support in the front end of the website for both Jupiter and The Ken themes please open up a support ticket and report, we will follow the case.
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