Creating a Toolbar for Header in Jupiter X

Updated on August 4, 2019

How to add a toolbar at the top of header in Jupiter X?

Jupiter X theme lets you use a default customizer header or create a new custom header from scratch using Elementor. 

Header Toolbar is not available in default headers in Jupiter X but you can create it using Elementor header templates. (See the difference between built-in header and Elementor’s header template in this article.)

In order to create a toolbar for header in Jupiter X:

1. From WordPress left menu go to Templates > Saved Templates

2. Click on Add New to create a Header template.

3. Select the Header template and write a name for it, then click on CREATE TEMPLATE button.

4. You can choose one of the pre-built headers with toolbar and customize it. For example By clicking on Jupiter X in Blocks tab, you can Insert a free header with toolbar to your template. If you’re planning to create a header with toolbar from scratch simply click on x icon.

5. Customizing a pre-built header is so simple, just modify the header and also its toolbar based on your needs and PUBLISH the page. 

If you’re creating your header from scratch, create an extra section for your toolbar and add your preferable widgets to it.

Using the Header template in your website:

After you created the header, you have to select your header in order to display it in your website:

1. From WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter X > Customize 

2. Click on Header section and choose Custom for Type of the header. 

 Select the name of your template which your want to add to your website as a header. 

4. Close the options and Publish the changes.

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