Creating an Outline Contact Form

Updated on May 21, 2023

To create the following contact form, follow the steps below:

1. Follow the steps in Form Element article to add a form to your page.

2. Configure the settings like shown below:

Settings > Label – Disabled
Row Spacing – 0
Column Spacing- 0
Field Border Type – Solid
Field Border Width – 2px
Field Typography Transform – Uppercase
Button Background Color – Transparent
Button Typography Transform – Uppercase

3. Configure the rest of the settings as you desire and publish or update the page.

By default, there is a reCaptcha option if you want to add captcha to your contact form.
At first, you need to add Site Key and Secret Key in Elementor > Settings > Raven:

Then edit your page and configure Form element settings:

1. Add a new item.

2. Select reCAPTCHA in Type field and configure the styling.

3. Update the page.

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