Creating different footer for different devices

Updated on May 14, 2019

How can I create different footer for different devices via Jupiter X?

If you found your created footer is not appropriate for smaller devices, you can create different footers for different screen sizes. 

Note: If you want to know more about creating footer in Elementor, please read this article.

To create different footers for different devices you must create them into multiple section in just One Footer Template in Elementor.

In this example we create two footers (sections). First footer for the desktop size and second footer for smaller screen sizes like Tablet and Mobile).

Desktop Footer

1. Choose desktop footer section by selecting its section from Navigator or by clicking Edit Selection button that appears on blue grid in active section. 

2. From the Elementor left menu, go to Advanced Tab.

3. From the Advanced tab open Responsive Menu.

4. In Visibility section, disable Hide On Desktop and enable Hide On Tablet and Hide on Mobile options.

Tablet and Mobile Footer

For second footer just do above instructions but in Visibility section hide it in Desktop and unhide it for Tablet and Mobile.

 Changes take effect only on the preview or live page and not visible in editing mode in Elementor.

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