Creating Mega Menu using JetMenu plugin in Jupiter X

Updated on October 23, 2020

How to create a mega menu with JetMenu plugin bundled in Jupiter X

JetMenu is a plugin that allows you to create and style up mega menu. You’ll be able to create content for the menu items and customize items appearance, add menu badges and icons, change menu item background.

The plugin works with Elementor page builder, allowing to add content to menu items in a drag-and-drop way. You’ll also get Vertical Mega Menu and Mega Menu widgets for Elementor, which allow you to add a menu to any page section.

Note: Creating a mega menu you will use the Elementor page builder, and it will be displayed instead of the submenu items. The default submenu will be disabled as it will be replaced by the Mega Menu content. So you’ll be able to add any Elementor widget to your sub menu and create any content you want.

To create mega menu, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Jupiter X > Control Panel > Plugins and activate JetMenu plugin.

2. Go to Appearance > Menus and create your Primary menu.

Note: If you want to add some menu items in the mega menu, it’s recommended to create other custom menus in Appearance > Menus. You’ll be able to add them to your mega menu using Custom Menu widget in Elementor.

3. In JetMenu Settings, set “Enable JetMenu for current location” to Yes and save the changes.

4. Hover over the menu item for which you want to create a mega menu and you’ll see JetMenu blue button. Click on it to start building the mega menu.

 Once you clicked on this blue button, you’ll see a popup where you need set “Mega Submenu Enabled” option to Yes and then click on the button Edit Mega Menu Item Content.

6. Now you can add any content to your mega submenu. For example, we’ll add custom menus with product items into several columns and some headings separated by dividers at the top.

Note: You can add any widget from Elementor to the mega menu (video, posts, etc.). Read more about Mega Menu customization in JetMenu documentation.

7. You can also edit general settings from the Dashboard left side in the JetMenu item. More information about these settings can be found here.

JetMenu widgets

There are two widgets from JetMenu you can use in Elementor to be able to add to any section on a page:

  • Vertical Mega Menu Widget
  • Mega Menu Widget

With Vertical Mega Menu widget you can add menu to the website’s page using Elementor page builder. There are also multiple menu customization options for this content module. 
The same is related to Mega Menu widget, the difference is it only adds horizontal menu to a page.

Note: You can change the JetMenu widgets style the same way you did it when customizing the simple menu style, using JetMenu style and content settings. To access them click JetMenu tab in the left side of the Dashboard.

Read more about JetMenu widgets settings in this documentation.

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