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Updated on September 8, 2021

How to create pages with Elementor plugin

Assuming that you already checked the Elementor tutorials from here or you are familiar with it, we will review some points that will speed up your page creation using Elementor.

  • If you wish to create a full-width page, you MUST choose the Full-Width template from the Page Attributes. Otherwise, removing the sidebars and make every section Full width, will add some space on the top and bottom of your content.
  • We developed Jupiter X to extend the functionality of Elementor by adding elements that were available in Jupiter and were not in Elementor by default. For more information please check here. It will be easier for you if you know what element you must use in order to have the most similar look to Jupiter.
  • Here are some examples:
    • Portfolio Shortcode > Post element and choose the post type to Portfolio
    • Page Section > Section
    • Inner Row > Inner Section
    • Blog Shortcode > Post Element and choose the post type to Blog
    • Product Loop > Products
    • Flip Box > Animated Box
    • Padding Shortcode > Spacer Element
    • Clients Shortcode > Brands element
    • Contact Form Shortcode > Form element

The rest of the Jupiter X elements are having the same name as Jupiter shortcodes. Also, some other elements are available in Jet Elements which are needless to say. For example, Advanced Google Maps is now Advanced Map and etc. You can find more info about Jet Elements here.

  • You can use Block templates in Elementor. It means that you can save a section and use it in multiple places. This will help you rapidly build up your website. Here you can find more info about it.

You can use Growmatik Personalizer tool to personalize the content of your pages for specific viewers based on their behaviour in your website.

It is highly recommended to use Elementor as your page builder because:

  • It is built based on Frontend editor UX in mind.
  • It requires much less learning curve.
  • It is freaking fast both editor and rendering the site.
  • Your WordPress site speed won’t be affected by Elementor’s presence (can’t say the same for WPBakery page Builder)
  • It does not use Shortcode API to store the content and render it, excess usage of Shortcode cause slower sites.
  • It has customizable built-in elements
  • Its element controls have better UX and arrangements
  • It has much better extendibility codebase
  • Header, Footer, Single page builders and many more unlimited functionalities are included.
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