Custom Fonts

Updated on May 21, 2023

Using the custom fonts feature In Jupiter X you can add any custom fonts in the options panel.

Open the Custom fonts tab in the options panel and click on Add Custom Font button, after this give it a name and upload custom font files, you need to add 4 types of files, WOFF, WOFF2, TTF, and SVG for better compatibility in different browsers and devices.

Click the Save at the end of the fonts upload form and lastly, click on the Create button at the first step is done.

Now your custom font is ready and you can use it anywhere on your website, it will appear in Typography setting in the Elementor widgets

Note – If you want to use a custom font on your entire website you can use Elementor global settings to define your custom font globally, in this case, make sure you are not using any fonts in the Appearance > Customize.

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