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There is a section in the Jupiter Control Panel for adding custom image sizes for different parts of your website. You can add as many sizes as you like and then use them in different shortcodes. Some issues may occur when loading images with custom sizes.

In this article we’ll describe these image sizes issues and how to fix them.

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Image Sizes Are Not Generating

If you set custom sizes in the Jupiter Control Panel, but they are not applying to your images, the first thing you need check is whether the GD library is installed and activated on your server. It’s required in order to be able to generate the images. You can read about it in this article.

Note: You should contact your hosting service provider to install the GD library on the server.

Images Do Not Load with the Lazy Load Plugin

If you’re using the Lazy Load plugin for images but can’t see them loading, the reason may be that the Jupiter theme already has a lazy load function. You can try these solutions to resolve the issue:

Reduce the image sizes to smaller values to reduce the loading time.

Disable the preloader on the page. It will let the users see the page while the images are loading. 

Use a CDN such as CloudFlare. In this case, it will make your website super fast because it cuts out the wasted time from DNS responses. 

Only Dummy Images Display

Sometimes you can see only dummy images on the site even though you uploaded your own and set proper sizes for them. To fix this issue, you’ll need follow these steps:

Check permissions for the wp-content/uploads folder.

Note: The way to modify the directory permissions is described in this article.

Set the execute permission for the BFI_thumb.php file.

You can find it in the directory wp-content/themes/jupiter/framework/includes/.

Note: Read WordPress Codex regarding permissions.

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Other Issues

If you face any other issues with custom image sizes, open a ticket in our help desk.

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