Defining Custom Image Sizes

Updated on March 8, 2018

In the Jupiter WordPress theme, you can define all your custom image sizes in one place and then use them in different places including shortcodes. It helps you to control all your custom image sizes easily


In this article, we’ll explain about adding custom image sizes and how to assign the custom image sizes to the shortcodes

Defining an Image Size

To define a custom image size:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Control Panel > Image Sizes page.

2Click on the Add a New Size button.

3Fill out the form with necessary information.

Image width Defines the width of an image.
Image height Defines the height of an image.
Size name Sets a custom name for the image size template.
Hard crop Hard crops the image.
4Click on Save Settings button.

Assigning an Image Size to a Shortcode

As mentioned above, custom image sizes will be available as an option in various shortcodes. Below is an example on how to use your custom image size in the Blog shortcode.

1In the WordPress dashboard, edit a page which contains the blog shortcode.
2Click on the Edit Blog button.

Defining custom image sizes - edit blog button

3From Blog settings pop-up, click on Image Size select field.

Defining custom image sizes - blog settings

4Select your custom image size and click on the Save changes button.
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