How to avoid using defunct options for slideshows

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Defunct Options – With the introduction of Jupiter version 4.0, Jupiter Banner Video Settings and Jupiter Slideshow Settings have become defunct and will be removed from future updates.

Defunct Options

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Defunct Options

From now on all banners and slideshows should be added via Visual Composer.

Steps to add slideshow to a page

Add a page.  

Add a new page on which you want a transparent header.

Add a Page Section.  

Add a Page Section into the page using Visual Composer.

Page Section

Set Proper Options.  

Click on Pencil Icon of Page Section to bring up edit screen and set options as per below list:

  • Padding Top: 0px
  • Padding Bottom: 0px
  • Margin Bottom: 0px

No Padding

Add Proper Shortcode.  

Using the + sign at the center of Page Section element add your desired slideshow shortcode. Some of our supported slideshow options are:

  1. Edge Slider
  2. Edge One Pager
  3. Layer Slider
  4. Revolution Slider
  5. Master Slider
Remove Page Title.  

Set Manage Page Elements option under Jupiter Page Options to Remove Page Title.

Remove Page Title

Enable Stick Template.  

Enable Stick Template option under Jupiter Page Options.

Stick Template

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