Displaying Search Results from specific Post Types

Updated on September 27, 2021

How to search a specific post type like Pages, Posts, Portfolios and Products in Jupiter X?

By default when users search something in your website, your website displays the results from all of the post types such as posts, pages, portfolios and products. But you may want to filter the search results in your website and show the results from just a specific post type like posts or pages.
In Jupiter X, you can easily customize the search settings. You can also specify how many posts should be shown per page in search results.

To customize the Search Results in Jupiter X:

1. From WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter X > Customize

 Select the Search Page option.

Choose Search, a new window will show up with the Search settings. 
By Disabling/Enabling the post types from Display Section you can customize the search results. You can change the number of posts per page for the search results page as well.

4. Close the Search settings panel and Publish the changes.

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