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Updated on August 13, 2019

How to create a responsive layout in Elementor

It is of a great importance to have a website that gives a perfect impression among all devices. You may create a good-looking website for desktop sizes and be ugly on smaller devices.
Fortunately, Elementor has various responsive options to create a better layout for different screen sizes.

In Elementor, there are five types of responsive tools which you can use to create a better website in all devices:

  • Mobile Font Size
  • Reverse Columns
  • Responsive Column Width
  • Padding and Margin
  • Hide and Show Elements

Mobile Font Size
You can set a different font-size for different mobile devices. You can change the Line-Height and Letter Spacing for smaller devices as well.
I suggest you to refer to this article in order to learn more about it.

Reverse Columns
This is a great feature to create a full responsive layout. You may have been noticed when you see your page in mobile, the order of the columns maybe undesirable. You can use reverse column switch if you want to change the order of the columns in different screen sizes.
Please refer to this article to learn more about this option.

Responsive Column Width
In Elementor, you can customize your columns layout among all devices. In other words you can set a width for a column in Desktop and change its size for smaller devices. Further information can be achieved by referring to this article

Padding and Margin
Elementor has responsive options for adding spaces such as margin and padding to your widgets. For instance if you set a padding for an element, it might look fantastic on the desktop, but it will get too big in smaller devices. You can set a different padding and margin value for each of your widgets in Elementor. Please read this article in order to find how it can be done.

Hide and Show elements
One of the Elementor’s responsive options is Hiding an element for a certain device size and Visible for the others. This is really a cool feature if want to make your site more responsive. I suggest you to read this article to know more about it.
You can also read this article if you want to create a responsive header and footer for your website.

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