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Updated on January 11, 2018

The employees shortcode allows you to display a list of employees with portrait photos, job titles, descriptions and social media links. Different style options are also available for the employees shortcode.

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In this article, we will explain how to display and configure the employees section, as well as change the style.

Adding Employee Items

Employees item can be created using the post type Employees from the side menu of your Dashboard.

employees shortcode

1Click on “Add New Member” and you will be redirected to the Employees Add page.

employees shortcode

2Add a new title for your Employee.
3Set the Ken Employees Options
Employee PositionUse this option to set Employee position in the company.
DescriptionUse this option to add a short description about the team member. WordPress default editor is also available for further styling in this option.
Email AddressUse this option to add the Email Address of the employee.
WebsiteUse this option to add the website or personal blog address of the employee.
FacebookUse this option to add employee’s Facebook page address.
TwitterUse this option to add employee’s Twitter page address.
Linked InUse this option to add employee’s LinkedIn page address.
InstagramUse this option to add employee’s Instagram page address.
DribbbleUse this option to add employee’s Dribbble page address.
Google PlusUse this option to add employee’s Google Plus page address.
PinterestUse this option to add employee’s Pinterest page address.
4Click on the Publish button to save your pricing table. You need to repeat the steps above to add other plans to the pricing table.

Displaying Employees Shortcode

To display employees:

1Add or edit an existing page.
2In the Visual Composer section, click on the + button.

employees shortcode

3In the Add Element pop-up screen, search for Employees and click on it to be added to the page.

employees shortcode


4When the shortcode is added, a new pop-up screen called Employees Settings will open that allows you to configure the shortcode settings.

employees shortcode

5Click on Save Changes and publish or update the page to check the result.

Available Employees Settings

There are a few settings in employees pop-up screen regarding the employee details.

StyleSets the employee display style, available options are: Column Based (Rounded), Column Based, Grid
ColumnSets the employees column count.
CountSets the employee count.
Select Specific EmployeesSets a specific employee to display.
OffsetSets the number of employees posts to displace or pass over.
DescriptionEnables displaying the employees’ descriptions.
OrderSets the employee listing order according to the orderby value.
OrderbySets the employee listing order.
Employee Image StretchabilityEnable this option if you want employee image cover the whole grid area.
Viewport AnimationSets the viewport animation.
Extra Class NameAdds a class name to the shortcode for Custom CSS.


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