Enabling Related Posts for Clear & Bold single post style

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Recommended posts section is disabled for Clear and Bold style of a single blog post.
But you can activate them commenting out a line in your child theme. So, in order to do that:

Enable your child theme.
Copy jupiter/views/singular/wp-single.php to jupiter-child/views/singular/wp-single.php.

Directory structure should be the same as in the parent theme.

Edit jupiter-child/views/singular/wp-single.php in lines 41-43:
if ( mk_get_blog_single_style() !== 'bold' ) {
  mk_get_view( 'blog/components', 'blog-similar-posts' ); 


//if ( mk_get_blog_single_style() !== 'bold' ) {
  mk_get_view( 'blog/components', 'blog-similar-posts' ); 

This will show the related posts in Clear & Bold style.

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