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Updated on April 7, 2021

According to the latest policy set by Envato, customer support is time-sensitive. That  means six months of customer support is included in your purchase of any of the Artbees themes from Envato, and Artbees is committed to offering full customer service during this period. After the initial six months, in order to continue using Artbees Support, you need to renew your support subscription.

For more information, read the Purchasing supported items article from Envato.


The cost of the support subscription is calculated as a percentage of the theme price and is determined by when you make the support purchase.

The cost is as follows:

  • At initial theme purchase – 37.5% of the theme price
  • During the support period – 62.5% of the theme price
  • After the support has expired – 87.5% of the theme price

Extending the support

To extend the support subscription:

1Go to ThemeForest and login into your account.
2In the upper right corner, hover over your username and click on Downloads.
Extending support subscription - themeforest downloads
3Find the item you want to renew support and click Renew Support Now.
4Click on the Renew Support button on the right side. This will open a checkout page and you can continue the purchase process.
5Once you renewed the license, head over to Artbees Themes Portal > Register Product and click on the following link which is located under licenses table. We will then validate the renewal through Envato API and update the support period in our database.

Multiple licenses

If you have purchased multiple licenses for one theme, you only need to extend the support for one of the licenses and we will count the latest support period. Make sure to always add your latest purchase code in the Artbees portal.

VIP Program Support

Through Artbees VIP customers, we provide an exclusive support experience as well as other bonuses to our loyal community users. Current VIP perks are as follows:

  • Priority supports which facilitates less waiting time for your support queries
  • One-time exclusive 30% discount for WPDone to get help from Artbees experts for your custom WordPress projects

Who is VIP a customer

VIP status is granted when a user:

  • Is a verified customer of Artbees Themes.
  • Has registered 20 or more licenses of any of our themes.
  • At least one of the user’s licenses has an active support period.

How to use the special discount for getting help from an expert

If you are a VIP customer please send an email from the eligible user account email to [email protected] and claim your 30% discount coupon.

A message for our VIP customers

After much consideration, the Artbees team has decided to change the VIP program terms of use. Up until now, anyone with more than 10 licenses was eligible for our VIP program, which offers priority support with unlimited coverage. While this was a great way to build stronger bonds with our best customers, in recent years the number of VIP customers has grown substantially, thanks to a large user base.

As a result, we have been facing scalability problems in regard to human resources. Because we aim to provide the best possible customer support with the existing VIP program, it is no longer a financially feasible option for us to continue to support all current VIP customers. We deeply appreciate your continued loyalty. Without you, we would never have reached such milestones. However, we’ve made the difficult decision to continue providing priority support only to those VIP users who have purchased a new license in the past 6 months or renewed one of their current license supports. With your contributions, we will be able to continue our business and provide even better customer support. We have also limited the VIP program to customers with 20 or more licenses (whereas before the threshold was 10 licenses). Chat support has also been disabled due to the mentioned reasons. This new change in terms of service has been in effect since 19.03.2020.

Updating the theme while support is expired

You will have access to all theme and plugin updates when they are released. Support subscription status does not affect this.

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