Extending support subscription

Updated on January 14, 2020

According to the latest policy set by Envato, customer support is time sensitive. That means six months of customer support is included in your purchase of any of the Artbees themes from Envato, and Artbees is committed to offering full customer service during this period. After the initial six months, in order to continue using Artbees Support you need to renew your support subscription.

For more information, read the Purchasing supported items article from Envato.

Checking your support subscription status

To check the status on your support subscription:

1Go to the Artbees themes website and login into your account.
2In the upper right corner, on Account.

3Now you can see how long your item is suppoted.


The cost of the support subscription is calculated as a percentage of the theme price and is determined by when you make the support purchase.

The cost is as follows:

  • At initial theme purchase – 37.5% of the theme price
  • During the support period – 62.5% of the theme price
  • After the support has expired – 87.5% of the theme price

Extending the support

To extend the support subscription:

1Go to ThemeForest and login into your account.
2In the upper right corner, hover over your username and click on Downloads.

Extending support subscription - themeforest downloads

3Find the item you want to renew support and click Renew Support Now.
4Click on the Renew Support button on the right side. This will open a checkout page and you can continue the purchase process.

Multiple licenses

If you have purchased multiple licenses for one theme, only your last purchase date will be counted so you do not have to renew the support subscription for older licenses. Make sure to always add your latest purchase code in the Artbees portal.

VIP support

If you are a verified customer of Artbees Themes and you have registered 10 or more licenses of any of our themes you will enjoy lifetime support regardless of your support subscription status. Previous VIP members who had 5+ licenses registered before 1st May 2019 will still be considered as VIP members.

The chat support and prioritized ticket replies

VIPs will have access to the chat support from their Artbees Portal dashboard. VIP tickets will be prioritized by our support team so they will receive faster replies in the support forum.

Common questions

A list of common questions which you may face during support extension. The list will be updated regularly.

Open tickets while support is expired

If there is already an open ticket for Artbees support and your support expires in the middle of it, you will be able to continue sending and replying to messages until the issue is resolved.

Reporting a bug while support is expired

A support ticket can be opened if its type is Bug Report

Updating the theme while support is expired

You will have access to all theme and plugin updates when they are released. Support subscription status does not affect this.

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