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The Flickr widget allows you to display a list of posts (feed) from Flickr in a widget area/sidebar. It displays the photos in a grid layout.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get an API key and User ID from the Flickr website and then display Flickr feeds through the Flickr widget in the Jupiter WordPress theme.

Note: Jupiter also includes a Flickr Feeds shortcode which allows you to display Flickr feeds on your pages via Visual Composer.

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Getting an API Key

First you’ll need to get an API key from the Flickr website. This is required if you want to display feeds.

To get an API key:

Go to the Flickr The App Garden page.

You’ll need to have a Flickr account.

Apply for your API key.

Briefly explain what your API key is for.

Flickr widget - api description

Click on the submit button and take a note of the key (API key) and secret (API secret).

Flickr widget - key secret

Beware! The API Key and Secret shown above were created only for the purpose of this article and has since been deleted.

Getting a User ID

After getting an API key, you’ll also need to get a User ID from the Flickr website.

To get a User ID:

Go to idGettr page. You’ll need to have a Flickr account.
Copy the URL of your Flickr photo stream and paste it into the idGettr page.

Flickr widget - flickr ID

Click on the Find button, and then take note of the ID.

Displaying Flickr Feeds

In order to display Flickr feeds in a widget area/sidebar, you’ll need to add the JP – Flickr widget to a widget area/sidebar and then configure its settings.

To add the widget:

From the WordPress left menu, go to the Appearance > Widgets page.

Flickr widget - widget menu

On the Widgets page, locate the JP – Flickr widget in the Available Widgets column, and then then drag and drop it into a widget area. In this example, we chose the Page Widget Area.

Flickr widget - widget area

Fill out the settings form with the necessary information, and then click on Save button.
Setting Descripiton
TitleDisplays a title at the top of the widget. If left empty, it will show the title Photos on Flickr.
Flickr API KeySets the API key obtained in the previous step.
Flickr User idSets the User ID obtained in the previous section.
Number of photo to show Determines the number of the visible photos.
Photos per each rowDetermines the number of images in each row of feed.
Note: The widget is ready. Now you may need to add the Page widget area/sidebar to a page so you can see the widget. If you are not familiar with adding a widget area/sidebar to a page, read the Adding a sidebar article.
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