General Colors Styling

Updated on September 28, 2017

Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, where you can configure the global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from the top left side of your dashboard. In this article we will describe the general colors styling options available under the Global Settings > Site Settings and Main Content sections of Theme Options.

Setting a Primary Theme Color

You can set the primary theme color for the whole website. This option is available in Theme Options > Global Settings > Site Settings > Theme Accent Color.

general colors styling

It only affects some of the elements. not all.

Setting the Background Color

You can set the background color for different sections of your website like the header, page title, page and footer.

To do this go to Theme Options > Main Content > Layout & Backgrounds.

Scroll down to the section Background Color & Texture, and click on each section to customize it.

general colors styling

Setting the Text Color

The text color of your website can be changed in Theme Options > Main Content > Texts.

general colors styling

You have these options to modify:

Setting Description

Text Color Sets the main text color of the website.
Content Links Color Sets the color of the links.
Content Links Hover Color Sets the color of the links on mouseover.
Content Strong Tag Color Sets the bold text color. This option will only work on bold texts that use the <strong> html tag.
Setting Description

Paragraph Sets the paragraph text color.
Setting Description

H1 Text Color Sets the h1 color.
H2 Text Color Sets the h2 color.
H3 Text Color Sets the h3 color.
H4 Text Color Sets the h4 color.
H5 Text Color Sets the h5 color.
H6 Text Color Sets the h6 color.

If you have any questions regarding styling, please open a support ticket in our helpdesk.

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