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Updated on November 21, 2017

Theme Settings is the main section of The Ken and where you can set the global settings for your website. You can access Theme Settings from the top left side of your dashboard. In this article, we will describe the options available under the General Settings section of Theme Settings.

To access the general settings, from WordPress top bar, go to Theme Settings > General Settings

general settings

Options Descriptions

Main Navigation Responsive Width Defines when the Main Navigation should be viewed as Responsive Navigation. The default is 1140 pixels but if your navigation items fit in the header in smaller widths you can change this value.
Main Grid Width Defines the main content max-width. The default value is 1140 pixels.
Content Width (In Percent) Lets you define the width of the content. Consider that it is in percent, so let’s say for example if you set it to 60%, the sidebar will occupy 40% of the main content space.


Breadcrumb is a type of secondary horizontal navigation that displays the user’s location on the website in a hierarchical way. It is especially important to use breadcrumb on big websites that contain a large amount of content in order to provide a better user experience.
To learn how to configure breadcrumbs, check out this article.

Options Descriptions

Smooth Scroll This option adds an easing movement to the page scroll and modifies the browser’s native scrollbar. If you don’t want the feature, just disable it with this option.
Page Comments Use this option to enable the commenting system for pages. This is an additional feature which Ken adds to the default WordPress commenting system, and which you can set from settings -> discussion for posts.
Custom Sidebars Use this option to add custom sidebars. This will add new Widget Areas in Appearance -> Widgets page. You can then easily assign Widgets to the Custom Sidebar you’ve added. Then inside each page or post, you will have an option to assign the custom sidebar you want to use.
Quick Contact You can enable or disable the Quick Contact Form using this option. It adds an icon to the bottom right side of the page which will open pop-up contact form on click.
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