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Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, which you can do your global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from WordPress Dashboard > Jupiter > Theme Options. We are going to describe about Site Preloader options available under Global Settings > Preloader section of Theme Options in this article.

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Site Preloader Options


Enable this option to show preloader functionality globally throughout the website. This option can be overridden from each page options.

Preloader Logo.  

Use this option to upload or select image from medial library for site preloader.

Preloader Color.  

Use this option to set the color of preloader.

Background Color.  

Use this option to set the background color of preloader.

Preloader Animation.  

Use this option to choose one of the prebuilt CSS preloader animations. Consider that you can not add more animations by default.

Section Preloader Background Color.  

Use this option to set the background color of preloader when it’s used for Page Section or Edge Slider shortcode.

Site preloader theme options - settings

Site Preloader Troubleshooting

Preloader is Stuck.  

This is one of the common issues. It happens when there is an issue in the page. For example, one of the shortcodes is not loading or a slider is missing in the page. To fix the issue, you need to disable Preloader and fix the issue in your page, then enable it again.

Preloader not Showing up.  

It’s probably a conflict with 3rd-party plugins, custom CSS or JS codes. To find the source of the issue, do the troubleshooting steps.

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