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Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, which you can do your global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from top left side of your dashboard. We are going to describe about General Social Networks options available under Header section of Theme Options in this article.

Social networks theme options - menu

General Social Networks

Header Social Networks Location.  

Use this option to set the location for social network icons in the website. Available options are:

  1. Header Toolbar
  2. Header Section
  3. Disable
Note: Header Toolbar option is available only when Header Toolbar setting is enabled in Theme Options > Header > Header Style.
Header Social Networks Style.  

Use this option to set social network icon styles. Available options are:

  1. Circled
  2. Rounded
  3. Simple
  4. Simple Rounded
  5. Square Pointed
  6. Square Rounded
Icons Size.  

This option will work only for Simple Rounded, Square Pointed and Square Round styles and with Header Section location. Use this option to set the size of the social network icons.

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
Note: If you want to increase icon size using different location, please contact our support team creating a ticket.
Add New Network.  

Use this option to select the social network icon and set the complete URL. You need to add https:// at the beginning of the social network URL.

Beware! Social Network Icons will not work ok if you add same URLs for more than one icon. All URLs of the icons should be different.

Social networks theme options - add new

Beware! If you are interested in addition of new icons please ask about this as a feature request in our Community Forum.
Note: Sometimes you may not see social networks icons on your site even they are added and location is selected. This is because they are visible for large screens only. If you want to display them on small screens, please read the article Social Network Icons or Start Tour Link Disappear.
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