Getting Help from the Artbees Support

Updated on May 21, 2023

Whenever you have any questions or issues about the Jupiter theme, the Artbees official support team is available to help in a timely and efficient manner. We provide official support 24 hours a day.

In this article, we explain how to request help from the support team.

From 25th of Dec 2019, have moved our support desk to a public forum. Our new forums are designed to be compatible with searching for issues and in case you find similar issues, you can easily find the solutions and save time! The new forum is accessible from here:

You can access the topics page from your Artbees Dashboard -> Account -> Contact Support.  Simply clicking the New Topic button will lead you to the topic submission form after choosing the right product.  

You can access the new topic page directly by clicking here

Please note that it is important to provide your critical information such as WP admin or FTP credentials only in the “Website Access Credentials” otherwise everyone can see the login details. If you provide this information in the “Website Access Credentials” section, only the support agents in Artbees will be able to see it and it will be completely secure.

Before Ticket Submission

It’s possible that a solution has already been provided for your question/issue in our documentation, FAQs or even in the forums. It’s best to check the following places before submitting a ticket.

Submitting a Ticket

Artbees official and technical support are only provided through ticket submission from our online portal. We cannot provide technical support on the ThemeForest comment section, social media, community forum, or direct emails.

Our Support Covers:

  • Artbees themes related issues
  • Visual composer (Artbees modified version) related issues
  • Small modifications

Our Support Does Not Cover the:

  • Third-party plugin issues
  • Custom coding
  • Theme and plugin updating

To Submit a Ticket from the Portal:

1Go to the Artbees themes website and log in to your account.
2In the upper right corner, hover over your profile image and click on Support Tickets.
3Click on New Topic and choose your product, then search for similar topics in case you didn’t find accurate results, create a topic and fill out the form with the necessary information.
  • Your question or issue (one question or issue per ticket)
  • Your environment details from Control Panel -> System Status
  • Theme and Visual Composer version, Elementor, Jupiter X Core, and any other plugin related to Artbees
  • Link to your website (or link to a specific page)
  • A temporary account
  • Screenshots (strongly recommended if on a local server)
4Click on the Submit button.

Delayed Ticket Response

There are some cases that may cause a delay in receiving an answer to your ticket. Several reasons may cause this to happen:

  • Not enough information is provided
  • No purchase code is provided
  • Influx of tickets
  • More than one question per ticket or asking new questions in the same ticket
  • Local installation

In such cases, the support team will ask for more specific information to be provided.

Support Period

According to the latest policy set by Envato, customer support is time sensitive. That means six months of customer support is included in your purchase of any of the Artbees themes from Envato, and Artbees is committed to offering full customer service during this period.

After the initial six months, in order to continue using Artbees Support, you need to renew your support subscription. For more information read the Envato hosted support policy and Extending support subscription articles

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